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Taylor Swift Drawing

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  • How to Draw Taylor Swift

  • lazycis
    10-19 01:22 PM
    I have a similar timeline - applied for LC in February 2002, got approval in December 2003, filed I-140 in February 2004, I-485 in March 2004. Currently filing for my fifth EAD! The USCIS not only tortures the whole family (it's a common practice that name check is pending only for primary applicant) but makes us to pay for the wait! My son was born around the time we filed for adjustment of status, he will go to school soon but we are still not sure whether we will be allowed to stay. We cannot plan ahead and open education funds for our children. My wife cannot go to college, as she is not eligible for in-state tuition discount. Needless to say, I am forced to sacrifice my career as the whole thing is dragging for 5+ years and I have to work at the same position to keep GC process alive. I've got MCSD certificate and outgrew my position long ago. I cannot quit my job and found a new business.
    The USCIS explains the delay by national security interests, but the national security requires the very opposite - speedy processing of the background checks.

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  • pawelw
    07-05 01:51 AM
    My I140 (and I485) were filed in May 2010 (EB2, NSC). My attorney just notified me they received an RFE regarding my eduction. Apparently USCIS needs more details on my MSc degree from Poland (integrated, 5 years) and explanation why is it equivalent US masters degree.
    Has anyone had a similar hurdle when filing under EB2 with a degree like that? Should I be terribly worried about getting my I140 approved or do cases like that normally go through (provided that an RFE is correctly replied to)?

    Taylor Swift Drawing. TAYLOR SWIFT cd drawing ART
  • TAYLOR SWIFT cd drawing ART

  • dc2007
    06-30 09:41 AM
    Anybody please help me.. If its possible I want file PERM asap.

    2011 love to draw? Taylor Swift Drawing. taylor swift photoshoot.
  • taylor swift photoshoot.

  • amsgc
    01-14 12:08 PM
    Friend of your's needs to carefully look at that page of the passport again.

    One of the following would be corssed out (or marked deleted)

    (1) ECR: Emigration Check Required (for all countries except Bangladesh, Pak, North America and Europe)

    (2) Emigration Check NOT Required.

    If ECNR is not deleted, then there is no problem. If it is delted, there is still no problem in coming to the US (In my passport, ECNR was deleted, and I had no problem in leaving India for the US).

    If ECR is not deleted, then emigration check is required only if you are travelling to countries that are not in the list of exceptions in (1).


    Friend of mine has got H1B1 visa stamped now. But we just found out that on his passport ECNR is not deleted. ECNR is still required there.

    Can you guys help us to understand what this is? Do we need to remove ECNR before he travel to UR? He has BE (Mech).

    When I came to US my ECNR was deleted and I am also graduate.

    Your help appreciated.



    Taylor Swift Drawing. Taylor Swift middot; drawing middot; art
  • Taylor Swift middot; drawing middot; art

  • apk_sdpd
    01-21 07:46 PM

    My PERM got denied next day after filing 7th year H1B extension, Is my H1 will approve?
    extension filied on Premium processing. what are the chance me to continue on H1 and green card process.

    PERM filied: 12/10/2008
    Audit: 12/19/2009
    H1B ending: 02/19/2011
    H1B filied for 7th year extn: 01/18/2011
    PERM denied: 01/20/2011

    Please let me know if know such issues...


    Taylor Swift Drawing. Taylor Swift. From essenceofus
  • Taylor Swift. From essenceofus

  • senocular
    10-27 08:18 PM
    Stop Wasting Your ?


    Taylor Swift Drawing. Alastair Reed - Drawing Taylor
  • Alastair Reed - Drawing Taylor

  • golgappa
    11-17 04:41 PM
    1. when the H1B extension was applied, your employer must have attached the copy of the old H1B and USCIS also would have had the old H1B and date, still they approved..it so they took that 6 days in to consideration..that can be one argument..if you have to make somewhere.
    2. If your packed was mailed before 20 Feb and it reached on 26 that could also add to the argument...that it was "POST MARKED" before 20 Feb...but you dont have anything to show it..

    3. it seems you were technically "out of status" in those days...

    4. Was your I-94 was also till 20 FEb..normally they give I-94 10-15 days after the date of visa expiry..

    2010 TAYLOR SWIFT cd drawing ART Taylor Swift Drawing. Taylor Swift - The story of us
  • Taylor Swift - The story of us

  • nrk
    11-02 12:31 PM
    It is a good sign for sure.
    I don't know about F/P notice, but for sure it can not be RFE
    i believe pre-adjudication does not even show on the status.

    It is a good sign, you are still in the system!!
    (1) It is most likely 2nd F/P notice or an RFE. It could mean that your case is being pre-adjudicated.


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  • askreddy
    06-19 12:45 AM
    Thanks CoopHeal.

    Others Any suggestions?


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  • the process of my drawing.

  • desi3933
    06-10 12:45 PM

    My H1 transfer got denied. My company said they are unlikely to file an MTR. I have a valid EAD and old company H1 (based on 140 approval) valid till Jan 2010.

    Can i find other company and file a different H1 transfer based on my old company valid H1?

    Please Advice.

    Hi Vikram -

    Since your H-1B transfer petition is denied, you are not in H1 status anymore. However, I would suggest consider applying for 3 year H1 based on approved I-140 (and PD is not current). It does not matter who applied for that I-140.

    There is a chance that USCIS may approve this H1 without I-94. In that case, you need to get new visa stamp and reenter into US to get back into H-1B status.

    Good Luck.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin


    Taylor Swift Drawing. Taylor Swift • People • Anusha
  • Taylor Swift • People • Anusha

  • factoryman
    06-30 02:43 PM
    250 words in the body of the thread. It can't be one liners.

    That will explain why and what A thread is for. Otherwise, members will be scatching their heads and will show no further interest.


    since many of us are experts in analyzing data, leets start coming up with qualifiable impacts that can help people respond quickly to ALIF's potential lawsuit

    hot Taylor Swift middot; drawing middot; art Taylor Swift Drawing. Taylor Swift
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  • jerez_z
    05-10 10:18 PM
    haha very nice :lol:


    house is my recent drawing that Taylor Swift Drawing. i love taylor swift.
  • i love taylor swift.

  • sixpockets
    07-15 06:59 AM
    count me in

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  • cross between Taylor Swift

  • new_horizon
    04-06 02:08 PM
    I think it should be fine as long as the visa page is not tampered or damaged, and the electronic information can be read. Also since she has a new pp, it should not be a problem. She should carry both the old and new pp with her.


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  • reddymjm
    11-12 09:21 AM
    You can use standard 2" X 2" or You can make Indian size one on http://epassportphoto.com/ for 20 cents.

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  • Taylor Drawingsss :)

  • gg_ny
    09-30 01:08 PM
    One has to maintain at least 6 months of validity in the passport if on H1
    (for visa and for traveling); although not strictly implemented, this might create problems. Next, an expired passport is not considered to be a valid ID document.

    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?


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  • is my recent drawing that

  • am4gc
    01-17 12:56 PM
    WAC numbers means they are in california center. you can check the status typing this WAC number in


    girlfriend cross between Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Drawing. Taylor Swift
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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-21 01:55 PM
    Here's two different versions

    hairstyles Taylor Swift • People • Anusha Taylor Swift Drawing. taylor swift younger pictures
  • taylor swift younger pictures

  • raydon
    03-24 11:00 PM
    I've heard about AC21. What is AC360 - some new USCIS provision ?

    09-30 08:00 AM
    Interesting is they say "you may have trouble coming in" but for valid h1 holders it should not be a problem (wasn't for me..i traveled). They didn't say anything about "it will be considered abondonment of AOS or have negative impact on it"

    03-14 12:24 AM
    Can someone please explain what is Form G-639 for . I googled on G-639 but it seems my case fits more on cases when this shouldn't be used. Please please someone please try to understand. All I have is my SSN and all I know is my I-140 is being filed and approved. I don't have the SRC number.

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