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cool peace sign backgrounds

cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds.
  • cool peace sign backgrounds.

  • ashman70
    May 6, 11:15 PM
    Says it's coming from China, probably a knock off.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds.
  • cool peace sign backgrounds.

  • mozmac
    Nov 20, 05:03 PM
    Next Tuesday, Sweet!

    Ha ha. That is the phrase of 2005.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. wallpaper sky blue.
  • wallpaper sky blue.

  • WallpaperPerson
    Feb 19, 09:31 AM
    Lots of stuff on my desktop...
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11621891/Screenshots/d5.pnghttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/11621891/Screenshots/d6.png(those are both screeens)

    cool peace sign backgrounds. wallpaper sky blue.
  • wallpaper sky blue.

  • scotty96LSC
    Oct 14, 01:55 PM
    Where can I get these date, time, weather thingies? I'd like to have it on my desktop also.. Oh and that music player.

    Sorry for the newb question. I'm new to macs.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds.
  • cool peace sign backgrounds.

  • crude analogy
    Jan 3, 01:43 AM
    Great Story!

    P.S., you must have very wealthy friends. Right on.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. Pictures Of Peace Signs And
  • Pictures Of Peace Signs And

  • vincenz
    Sep 5, 06:50 PM

    Here's a link to the original, (http://gizmodo.com/5618454/wi+fihawks-at-the-diner?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gizmodo%2Ffull+%28Gizmodo%29) sort of. I got lucky with Google -- I just can't find the Twitter that pointed me to the original picture.

    I wonder what Edward Hopper would think of this :p

    cool peace sign backgrounds. and Peace Sign Notebook
  • and Peace Sign Notebook

  • Sankersizzle
    Aug 9, 04:31 AM
    here's mine at the moment!

    cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds.
  • cool peace sign backgrounds.

  • ranviper
    Oct 16, 12:25 AM
    Changed mine up a bit, here is what I have settled on. My mac and my windows bootcamp ones. :D:D



    Both wallpapers available at www.simpledesktops.com

    cool peace sign backgrounds. panda bears peace symbol
  • panda bears peace symbol

  • Drag'nGT
    Apr 28, 10:12 AM
    When you take forever to get the phone on VZW you should expect people to take their time switching.
    First, you've let Android have all that time to get a following because it's the only alternative for the lack of an iPhone. Those people have also bought apps that they now enjoy and would have to re-purchase on the iPhone. This happens with video game systems as well.
    Second, people are in 2yr contracts. There are very few people who are willing to pay more for a phone they can buy 4 months later at half price on top of the termination fee.
    Third, not that many people hate AT&T it's just the handful of VZW fans that make it look that way.
    And finally you have the reporting and reviews. All the reports I saw were telling VZW people and potential switchers to hold off on getting the iPhone 4. No 4G, no white and still had the questionable signal issues. The "iPhone 5" was supposed to come out mid to late summer so people were concerned Apple would sell them a phone and then jump up 6 months later with the newer, thiner, better version and leave folks hanging.

    People are paying attention to these reports and that's why I feel the numbers were low.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. PEACE SIGN BACKGROUNDS PURPLE

  • trekkie604
    Mar 10, 03:40 PM
    Work phone...


    cool peace sign backgrounds. Cool Peace Sign Backgrounds.
  • Cool Peace Sign Backgrounds.

  • lmalave
    Sep 27, 11:02 AM
    Yeah, with this previewing four months ahead of Macworld, I'd say we're headed for a major upgrade of .Mac with even tighter integration to Mail, iCal and iLife.

    I still hope Mail and iCal will be collapsed into one app in Leopard.

    Heh, and don't foget the iPhone is slated to debut in early 2007. Though I don't expect it to be available in January, I'll bet they will at least preview it. So I think the iPhone and .Mac upgrade will go hand in hand. So besides the phone synching with the improved online Mail, Address Book, and iCal, expect these features:

    1) Ability to make blog postings from phone
    2) Ability to view online photo albums/slide shows from phone
    3) Ability to *post* online photo albums from phone

    Although these are available from other phones and websites, I think Apple's edge will be in marketing its ease-of-use to the consumer

    And hey, I just thought of something...
    What if Apple not only expands the storage space for mail and files, but *greatly* expands it (maybe for an additional fee) with the intent of having people host multimedia files (music, photos, even videos) on their .Mac account. So the idea is that the iPhone will be 4GB but maybe your music collection is 20 GB. Well, you can upload the files to .Mac, and .Mac will then have the ability to stream any song in your music collection to your phone (or to another computer). Sure, there are already web-based services out there that already allow you to view and stream content from your own computer, but:

    1) hosting content on your own machine may be in violation of your broadband provider's terms of service
    2) your machine would have to constantly be on
    3) your machine would not have as fat a pipe to the internet as if you hosted it on something like .Mac (or at least in theory it would be more constrained)

    So having .Mac host streaming multimedia would be so great! Not only would your precious music/multimedia files be automatically backed up, but they would be available to you from the iPhone or from any computer. If Apple doesn't do this, some 3rd party provider eventually will.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds.
  • cool peace sign backgrounds.

  • munkle
    Nov 6, 11:14 AM
    i just installed it and then i read this which scares me...

    anyone else have this problem?

    I've installed two or three versions of Sidetrack on my Powerbook now and have been using Sidetrack for about a year and have never had a singele problem. It's been such a staple that it's irritating when I use another laptop, much like Quicksilver - heck I even try to open Quicksilver using Quicksilver when I have to restart it! :p - so give it a go. I'm sorry to hear that another user had problems but it's been nothing less than perfect for me and the hot corners are great! :)

    cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds. covertsurfer. Apr 9, 03:31 AM. Feel free to contribute ;)
  • cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds. covertsurfer. Apr 9, 03:31 AM. Feel free to contribute ;)

  • andymodem
    Jul 31, 07:25 PM
    Mine until I get bored of it, which will probably be a week or so. :rolleyes:


    cool peace sign backgrounds. Cool Peace Signs Backgrounds
  • Cool Peace Signs Backgrounds

  • NewYorkRanger
    Apr 7, 09:14 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    I had battery drain with 4.3.1 until I turned off Ping and restarted my phone. Since then, good battery life.
    Same. Might just be a plecebo effect, but whatever...

    cool peace sign backgrounds. anime peace sign
  • anime peace sign

  • MaxMike
    Aug 12, 12:59 PM
    Here the two I've added to my rotation in August. I have a total of five that rotate every minute; the other three can be found in the July desktop thread.


    Link please!! Yes, I am a huge Ferrari fanboy :D

    cool peace sign backgrounds. PEACE09 cool peace sign
  • PEACE09 cool peace sign

  • JoeG4
    Jan 10, 10:01 PM
    I don't care for the front end, but I think it's an improvement. Call me crazy? We're not talking about the Passat CC here, but the one that looks like a Nissan Altima, Honda Accord, Pontiac G8, or another half dozen other cars on the road with almost the exact same body shape.

    It's not that great anyway, the front sucks - it looks way too cheap and undignified for a car of that size, eh whatever.

    I wish car manufacturers would try harder to make their cars look DIFFERENT instead of the same. Yes, I'm a car nerd and I know the difference between a VW and a Honda, but what's scary is Honda doesn't want you to know - **** look at Hyundai, they want you to see the Genesis and think it's a BMW.. that's DUMB!

    So yea, I do see where they're coming from, but the body lines are cleaner and the back door treatment looks a LOT better (they stole it from Audi, for sure) than the giant hoffmeister kink and straight diagonal line down the side.

    As for the new Civic, look at the pieces of platsic/metal they used in between the glass to make em smaller/squarer - it appears they're trying to cut costs in order to make up for the 'expensive' interior. Yep, that's what car design is coming down to - people want fancy interiors and don't care what the outside of the car looks like.

    I kinda like what they did with the sedan, but I hate the hoffmeister kink. It started on Fords in the 50s (I think), and just like flame surfacing was copied by BMW, and should've stayed with BMW lol.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. peace sign wallpaper.
  • peace sign wallpaper.

  • Doctor Q
    May 5, 05:20 PM
    Sorry, but deals like this can be made only by qualified users in our Marketplace forum.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. cool peace sign backgrounds. Cool Peace Signs Backgrounds
  • cool peace sign backgrounds. Cool Peace Signs Backgrounds

  • xkmxkmxlmx
    May 6, 11:56 PM
    WAY better than my mid-2007 iMac for sure. Can't tell you about the models after that.

    cool peace sign backgrounds. This is the extra cool peace
  • This is the extra cool peace

  • KoNeko
    Jun 19, 04:49 PM
    Well, I'm waiting for the white iPhone, but don't want to break my tradition of going to the iPhone launch lines, as stupid as it sounds. Hell, maybe there's an off chance that they'll have the white ones on the 24th!

    Let me know if anymore of you guys will be waiting at this location!

    May 4, 06:01 PM
    It's not the Red Cross. It's the FDA. Last time the policy went up for review in 2006 or so, it was voted 7 against 6 to stay in place.

    And for anyone wondering, the wording is something along the lines of "if you are a man who has had sexual contact with another man, even once, since 1977, or if you are a woman who has had sexual contact with a man who has had sexual contact with another man, even once, since 1997, you are prohibited from donating blood."

    I think a basic level of intelligence indicates how wrong and prejudiced this is.


    According to statistics, black men are more than 6 times more likely than white men to become infected with HIV, but you sure as hell dont see people supporting banning black people from donating blood. Why? Simply because it is more socially acceptable to be homophobic than it is to be racist.

    Edit: I just wanted to make this clear: there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for blood donations, regardless of who may or may not be present. Donating blood saves lives. There is a problematic policy in place in the US and other countries at the moment, but that never has and never will make asking for people to donate blood problematic in any way, shape, or form.

    I should clarify then in light of my previous comments that I am in the UK, where the wording is very different.

    Dec 2, 10:54 AM
    I will be the first inline to grab one of these... I am a cell phone whore

    May 1, 03:32 AM
    Agreed, .mac had a solid, sensible, identifiable connotation. I wasn't a mac guy at the time, but it whenever I'd see it, conveyed that Apple was providing a decent service package for it's users. "me" just seemed needlessly self-absorbed, and conveys nothing useful. "Castle" sounds like somebody in marketing trying hard to be clever.

    I wish they'd simplify, combine & condense all these services, give all their iTunes and new hardware customers an account, and give at least one or two services away free to get people using it in some capacity. ...find my iPhone/iPad, or contact/cal/limited storage push syncing... But just go back to calling the whole package ".mac" again. Clean, short, clear, promotes the brand without being obnoxious.

    Apr 4, 01:51 PM
    Does this change mean that we can terminate our contracts since the terms of the contract have changed?

    I think sprint people have cited this before.

    May 6, 12:14 PM
    Slantnose is my all time favorite Porsche. I'm trying to find one to purchase one day :p

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