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tree house hotel

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  • drenline
    May 1, 09:19 AM
    My money is on geohot by far no disrespect to p0sixninja but geohot is not human.

    Lol. My money would've been on comex a month ago but that didn't happen.

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  • CP450
    Apr 13, 09:16 PM
    Thanks very much. I was afraid to do anything at all in the event that I would accidentally delete my data.

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  • jeffm5690
    Apr 20, 10:17 AM
    Many of us have jailbroken ipads and were screwed with the update, so for many it will work!

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  • Jef88
    Apr 4, 03:01 PM
    Well it depends.
    If you already have a keyboard/mouse and a screen you are probably cheaper with the MacMini.
    If I hadn't a 26'' LCD HD t.v I would probably go for the iMac.

    But it's personal. So don't focus on other comments but determine for yourself what is the best in your environment.

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  • alexjholland
    May 4, 11:30 AM
    With my car system, volume 18 with my iPhone maxed is equivelent to around 30 with my Nano - at this volume I have the sound of gentle hissing when paused. Not cool.

    I'd say Nano is loud enough for general headphone use, but if there is background noise it's not that loud. If I'm spending for something to house my entire music collection, it can't be second to my phone for music volume. That's just silly.

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  • groovebuster
    Oct 17, 04:24 AM
    http://www.javascript.com/ is a collection of copy and paste scripts, but it is interesting how some "problems" were approached by other people. You can learn a lot from analyzing javascripts coded by other people...


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  • coder12
    Apr 20, 04:50 PM
    I could easily name 3...
    Me, myself, and I? ;)

    I've repaired so many Android phones lately ... they nailed the "fragmentation" part head on. Thanks for building nice products that I rarely ever need to repair, Apple! Here's to another strong next few quarters too!

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  • jholzner
    Oct 25, 08:58 AM
    Yesterday I ordered my first MAC: MBP.

    So im asking myself, if there will be maybe a "cheap" update solution to Leopard.

    Since Leopard won't be out until spring you will have to pay the full price. Apple is pretty stingy about giving discounts to their OS upgrades. If you had purchased you MBP a week before Leopards release you might have receive it for free.

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  • jonomo
    Apr 19, 08:41 PM
    Just got MBA.. the Cheapo 11" model.. and I wanna run Bootcamp once in a while to do things (games, office, etc.)

    I've read the forums and it looks like running bootcamp on an external drive is out of the question.. but can I install OSX on an external drive, and then install a virtualization software like Parallels and then install Windows and run it off that?

    I'm wondering if I'll have significant performance issues.. I won't be running any extensive games.. just some casual stuff from time to time and a Microsoft Office PC version for the times things just don't seem to be compatible with Mac Office...


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  • AFPoster
    Apr 4, 12:09 PM
    I've installed a bunch of new Win7 machines over the last days, including Macs, and all installed and updated to SP1 just fine.

    Hmm... I wonder why it won't let me update then. I left it on the "installing updates" status for like 4 hours and it was still at 0%. I'll try again tonight.

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  • nerdykarim
    Mar 25, 05:24 PM
    i got the e2c's a couple days ago, and i fear they might be raising my standards to more expensive headphones, too. its sort of eerie not being able to hear anything around you.

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  • Cameront9
    Aug 7, 07:17 PM
    Will they still go on with Messenger 6.0? Seeing as how they are crying about WWDC?

    I think they will, as AFAI can tell, they announced this at WWDC.

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  • Eric M
    Jan 12, 01:19 PM
    Well, if it's just for browsing - shouldn't really make a difference...
    If you transfer large files between the computers via WIFI...*ekhem* change the router. WIFI does not "like" walls in general. Some MIMO N routers are known for performing much better than just a standard b/g routers that are given away when you sign a contract with an ISP. Look here (http://www.draytek.co.uk/products/vigor2920.html) and here (http://www.broadbandbuyer.co.uk/Shop/ShopDetail.asp?ProductID=8872)
    These are pricey, but well worth the �$�.
    The other factor to take in to consideration is the antenna in the computer, is it MIMO compatible, if not then there is no point in upgrading.
    If it's the fie transfer rate that concerns you the most then the only solution would be wiring. I used to have a "G", then Powerline 1GB, but at the end just decided to do it properly and wired everything with a CAT5e and now have a semi-gigabit network...worked out cheaper than buying a new router/adapters and it's more reliable...just something to think about....

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  • jer446
    Dec 12, 01:29 PM
    its the fourth generation..

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  • trjwv
    Mar 16, 07:17 PM
    Photoshopuser.com has a weekly show about tips for Photoshop, and adobecreativelearning also.

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  • Kissaragi
    Apr 7, 04:49 PM
    Or 2 finger tap and hit cut then paste?

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  • NorrisKillsKids
    Mar 31, 09:05 PM
    Exciting news. Also april fools jokes on march 31st aren't exactly what I'd call bright. Hopefully it's legit!

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  • zimv20
    Jun 23, 11:47 AM
    if it's not in .profile, execute this command to determine which shell you're running:
    % echo $SHELL
    and check out the corresponding startup file. e.g. if you're running tcsh, have a look in .tcshrc

    edit: also look in .login

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  • G5Unit
    Dec 14, 12:07 AM
    I'm lovin it.

    Apr 16, 06:22 AM
    There are two models for the 15 inch, A1106 for the 15 inch lores and A1138 for the 15 inch hires. For the lores 230 is enough if bought on ebay. Hires gets a higher selling price.

    Jan 23, 12:30 PM
    Why is that? I'm just curious.
    Misrepresentation of true color. Glossy gives the effect of higher saturation and contrast. That's why it looks "prettier" to people.

    Jan 25, 01:47 PM
    or is it just that at its "default" values out of the box, it gives a hyped picture?

    Exactly. The HP LP3065 out of the box is very bright, vibrant and not realistic to SWOP printing. But it is beautiful to look at in this state.

    It calibrates down to SWOP really well.

    Check this out:


    Visit their report on the calibration of the monitor and see how well it does.

    It's sad to see all those amazing colors disappear. But we keep a couple of profiles around -- One for Print, One for general daily use, One for web design to SRGB.

    Great Great Monitor. Can't say enough good about it.

    I like it better than our Dell 30 HC.

    Nov 25, 06:21 PM
    I think I'm selling my 12" iBook next week, and I'm getting a new iMac next week as well, so I'm thinking I want to get a new laptop, and the 17" powerbook is what I'd like. It dosent need to have all the high end specs, 256MB/512MB is fine, 40GB-60GB is also fine, It does need to be in complete working order, no dead pixels, and no cosmetic issues though, I will entertain all offers though. on ebay the go for around $1000-$1300, I'd like to pay somewhere in that range, depending on the specs. I wont be able to buy anything untill at the earliest, next week when I get my iMac and sell my iBook, but I'd just like to see if anyone here has one they might be interested in selling, thanks a lot

    Oct 26, 09:05 PM
    I'm curious as to how the fifth avenue turn out was. This is the first big event at this store that I missed. I was there for its opening day and the iPhone launch. Both were amazing. I just don't see the need to buy leapord right now because I plan on buying a new mac within the year.

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