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  • TheSVD
    Mar 6, 03:08 AM
    Hey All :)

    I've finally taken a picture I want to make a large print of.

    At work I have access to a huge printer that does A0, A1, A2 and A3 prints (americans if you don't use the same paper size tell me and I'll get the measurements, not sure if you do :confused: I'm in the UK..)

    I have no idea how large I can print my picture decently.. I have an 18 megapixel 550d and I'd print from a TIFF file which was saved from the CR2 after messing around with it a bit (is that the right thing to do)

    Basically I have no idea what kinda size it could go up to, and I don't get DPI and how changing it ends up relative to the photo quality and why you wouldn't just set it at the maximum every time..

    So yeah, I'm pretty confused about this, if someone could shed some light on this one that'd be good thanks :)

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  • ViciousShadow21
    Nov 12, 12:46 PM
    Thank you very much! I hope this runs on 10.6 as well. Well, lets see. :D

    yea goodluck

    let me know if you have any problems.

    and as for CandyBar you can do all that on your own if you know what your doing. Also check out a piece of software called LiteIcon (http://www.freemacsoft.net/LiteIcon/). not as powerful as CandyBar but it's free!!

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  • Darth.Titan
    Mar 31, 11:46 AM
    My Applecare agreements are regularly shipped separately from my Macs, and usually in advance..
    Don't worry. your Mac is coming.

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  • strider42
    Oct 17, 12:11 PM
    Originally posted by xrhajj
    There are no photos yet..but afterdawn.com has reported that Toshiba will release a5GB Bluetooth HDD (http://www.afterdawn.com/news/archive/3440.cfm) ideally for PDA's, but that dosen't that the iPod should be left out... because it sports the same drive from Toshiba!!!

    Even thou it states that "Toshiba doesn't have currently plans to sell the drive outside Japan" doesn't mean that we can't have hope!!;)

    this would be the most useless device ever. Think abuot it. bluetooth has a range that would require the iPod to be in the room with your computer. So you don't relaly gain any convienence. And you'll ahve to be there for hours to transfer the songs. bluetooth runs at 1 mbps. usb runs at 11 mbps. so bluetooth is 11 times slower than usb, whcih already takes hours to transfer all the songs, and 400 times sloer then firewire. Meanwhile, you could simply plug it in since you're next to the computer anyway, andhave it all done in minutes.

    Bluetooth offers no convienence, is way too slow. Whats the point, there isn't one. Its not like their going to get it streaming music to other devices through bluetooth either. They'd be better off putting in a small radio transmitter of some sort so it can be played through a stereo that way wirelessly. Bluetooth is a technology that has limited applications.

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  • Patmian212
    Dec 17, 06:53 PM
    If no one has dibbs can I have the ADB mouse and keyboard?

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  • twoodcc
    Oct 26, 09:51 AM
    well now, so the video ipod is coming very soon huh?

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  • Coleman2010
    Apr 18, 05:13 AM
    Do US carriers offer a similar unlock service does one always have to go 3rd party.(might as well jailbreak while your at it, to further enjoy your $170 spend):confused:

    ATT does not offer unlocks for the iPhone 4. That is why we're willing to pay $170 for it. And yes, I have my phone jailbroken as well.

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  • barryst
    Apr 27, 05:45 AM
    I don't think he is fake. He has a facebook page and twitter. He is saying he is releasing it tomorrow. Guess we will see tomorrow.


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  • MacForScience
    Apr 13, 03:50 AM
    I am looking for a really good monitor for my 2010 Mini for use with Web Browsing and some games, as my trusty ol' Gateway finally died.

    I am looking in the 22-24" area and do not want to spend more than say $350.00

    Should I go LED or Not?

    Need to be able to display MAX Resolution Mini can handle.

    Look for on sale monitors from Asus, Dell, Samsung etc. You may well be able to get an LED monitor at 1920x1080 in your price range (older model most likely). But as Hellhammer pointed out max resolution is not going to be possible.


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  • sidelsky18
    Apr 30, 11:25 PM
    That would explain it though cause those symptoms come with water damage.
    Check your moist sensors on the bottom of the phone where it plugs in and on the top where the headphone wire plugs in.

    I can't see any pink, but I may just be missing it. What should I do? I turned off the phone and took out the sim tray.

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  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 27, 09:15 AM

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  • cberic3
    Aug 26, 07:55 AM
    Eureka! Removing the comments out of the script in the header fixed the Firefox issues.


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  • Trialnterror
    Mar 11, 09:57 AM
    That's not bad for the rumored 10K stock from above lol

    Ya know this is Mac rumors ha!

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  • iJon
    Jun 30, 10:32 AM
    Originally posted by Shadowfax
    lol iJon, i got a spare cable for that reason, so i can keep one attached to the power supply. it's too bad, really....
    yeah thats what im gonna do too, i have just havent gotten around to taking one off the shelf.


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  • calciphus
    Oct 20, 03:51 AM
    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but this is most likely for cameras that either have GPS integrated already (and some do) or for cameras like the Nikon D200 or D2X that have a port on the side specifically for hooking up a GPS device like this one:

    Since the EXIF standard contains a flag for GPS-data, they just didn't finish the feature yet. They will.

    So no, the iPhone isn't going to be a gps camera pda music playing satellite radio streaming HDTV. Get over it. The iPhone already came out, and flopped (how many ROKRs do you see?) My guess is that if Apple really wants to move into that space, they're going to have to serriously look at their market, and their network partner.

    Though Cingular has more users, Verizon and Sprint both have the high-speed data networks capable of integrating a phone with iTunes. Cingular simply doesn't. Verizon users spend, on average, more on downloads than any other non-MVNO provider.

    Oh, and as for GPS already being in phones, it's there. Every phone sold after 01/01/04 had to have a GPS tracking device installed for use in Emergency situations. Providers were given six years to get a 95% adoption rate. Ever notice that little crosshair in the top? That means you've got a GPS lock. With SiRF-III GPS chips, you can be pretty well underground and still get a signal, esp. when it's repeated by your cell towers.

    This isn't an iPhone clue. Get over yourselves.

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 19, 10:50 PM
    Get the maxed out one :)

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  • Rumanji
    Mar 23, 08:41 PM
    I was in the middle of the line (got there around 0800) and there were no wifi-only-models left. It sounded like they had a lot of AT&T models, though.

    So the wifi units sold out first? How many total units? 100 or so?

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  • Andrew Henry
    Jun 22, 03:56 PM

    P.S. Holy cow! Ebay's fees have really gotten ridiculous!!! :eek:

    That's no joke, they are extremely ridiculous, I will never again sell anything on eBay, I will continue to just be a buyer, things would be A LOT cheaper if the fees didn't kill the sellers.

    Good luck on your sale!


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  • Kwi-Chang
    Oct 26, 01:52 PM
    AppleInsider Article: "The filing is credited to four Apple employees: Nick King, Duncan Kerr, Paul Herbst and Steven Hotelling."

    Is this the type of thing Apple does? Thought they had more control over employee/press relations...

    The whole article sounds a bit overloaded with info - is it April Fools?http://forums.macrumors.com/images/smilies/redface.gif

    Sep 11, 04:52 PM
    Army PT, then coming home and getting dressed for ROTC. I was in Utah and don't listen to the radio or watch tv in the morning - so I didn't hear anything about it until the girl that was in love with my roommate (who believes milk will give you leukemia) called to tell us a plane hit the Pentagon and WTC.

    Then spent the next 30 min trying to get through th jammed DC circuits to find out my Dad's doctor was getting impatient to discuss some test results and asked him to come in. He went to see the doctor instead of going to his weekly meeting at the Pentagon.

    Mar 23, 08:41 PM
    I was in the middle of the line (got there around 0800) and there were no wifi-only-models left. It sounded like they had a lot of AT&T models, though.

    So the wifi units sold out first? How many total units? 100 or so?

    Mar 11, 11:02 AM
    I'll be there eventually. I'll let you know what the line is like if I beat you there. I planning on 3:30 or so.

    Let me know if you get there earlier.

    Apr 16, 05:25 PM
    I haven't seen that kind of output before but I haven't been using LLVM. I believe that it's essentially an internal compiler error. There's something about your source code that it can't compile and has caused it to give up.

    You haven't successfully changed the compiler since you're still seeing this error. There are two places that the compiler can be set, at the target level and at the project level. If you set it differently in both places the target level setting will be used. In most cases you don't want to set it at the target level and only set it at the project level.





    Feb 15, 04:19 PM
    I was thinking about this the other day- scanning work documents to archive on my computer. Plain text can be scanned in B&W, such that PDF's of your documents are very manageable in size- under 100 kb. For most business documents, I think this would be fine (or maybe 4-bit grayscale.)

    It would be great if you had an OCR that automatically generated a PDF file with both the original scanned 'image', and the OCR results. This way you'd have both in a single file, and could toss the original knowing you could correct for OCR mistakes later. Of course, these documents would also be Spotlightable.

    Xerox has a scanner which seems to be more focused on text documents rather than images. It has a document feeder, seems fast, and I think it's within your budget (I'm an ignorant American so I'm no sure ;))


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