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  • gomirage
    06-09 11:33 PM
    Dear Viewers

    I have all the proof that my client has paid him the money for which I worked but he continue to ignore my request.

    Any piece of advice would be of great help.

    You do NOT need to have proof that he was paid. If you are working for him on H1B, he needs to pay you the compensation stated on labor certifications. No ifs or buts.

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  • GCAmigo
    09-30 05:24 PM
    Don't fret about the PERM time lines. It can take anywhere from 1 month to more than 6 months (for Fragomen clients) for PERM approvals/denials. .

    Mine is rotting in Atlanta since last Nov.. courtesy Fragomen..

    Good Luck

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  • FredG
    October 24th, 2004, 06:38 PM
    I wondered what the first would look like if the background (horizon) were hidden. Then you did exactly that in the second one. I think I like it better when you can see more of the background. Without that, I found myself wondering what the fence was hiding. I thought more about what wasn't there than about what was.

    The third is my favorite with a nice blend of colors as a backdrop for a story of numerous dead parts that used to be a functional whole.

    I found the green grass distracting in the last image. After thinking about it for a while, I decided it was a story of a structure at the end of its life. The green grass seemed out of place because it was too alive and too close. Similar comment on the white (ceramic?). Everything else is worn, faded, rusted. Not sure if that makes sense. But the only life in the picture is way out on the horizon, far removed from this remote graveyard.

    I like the setting. It reminds me of chasing pheasants in Iowa.

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  • geesee_99
    12-14 12:00 PM
    Any more Ideas/Advise guys?


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  • kartikiran
    06-17 05:13 PM
    paulkurni, please join your state chapter. Even before Obama's mention in the Cairo speech, IV Core has been trying to do whatever you have mentioned.

    We need members to collectively participate in their state chapters which can provide the thrust needed to perform a collective action country-wide as mentioned by you.

    I heard this from a Chinese friend once and believe its true to its extent. I think most of us, including me, come to this forum and either read the stuff about immigration or take out our frustration one way or another and the anger and frustration dies down there. I am sure IV core team is working day and night for the cause but they are limited with options. I believe the best way to create some gain is to do a collective non-violent rally throughout the nation. The way I see it if you dont make noise nothing gets done in this world. I have been here for almost 9+ years surviving f1,h1b and with very vague future ahead. Satyagraha was started by Gandhiji, and was followed by leaders throughout the world under Non-violence movements. As matter of fact even Obama advised it in the Cairo speech.

    I understand that the cause is not as dire as in the other movements but we are here fighting for our freedom. This nation is built upon liberty and yet we are under agreed slavery for employers, which is somehow supported by the government. My point is if we really want to make a difference then we need to be collectively heard. What the worst could happen?

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  • h1bnogc
    08-28 10:20 PM
    I had the same issue. I did not pay attention what I-94 expiration date was stamped by the officer in JFK airport. I had my visa expired earlier than my approved H1B status.
    I was able to fix it couple weeks later at home in Tampa Airport with US Customs and Border Protection. Make sure that you make appointment with them before you go to your nearest international airport. They will take you to secured area where they do all immigration paperwork. See U.S. Customs and Border Protection - Contacts (http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/contacts/deferred_inspection/)

    Next time, check the expiration I 94 date before you leave an immigration officer counter at the port of entry. This year, when I came back from vacation, the Immigration Officer at Atlanta airport did the same mistake. I told him that's not right and he fixed it.

    There are 2 dates on your visa stamp:
    1) Visa expiration date
    2) H1B status expiration date.
    Basically u do not need to show them 797 approved form because they can see all info on your visa stamp. But carry 797 with you just in case.

    Misha: how did you convince POE in second time? Thanks for sharing this...


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  • pamposh
    09-15 11:54 AM
    Folks there are two threads on the forum that are targeting the similar objective.
    Please join on the IV CHAT on Wednesday (09/17/08) 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to discuss one course of action. Please RSVP

    This meeting is online and is for an hour.

    There is one more thread driving a similar initiative.

    Why not get all of these threads and people together working on one target.

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  • WaitingForMyGC
    01-11 02:38 PM
    What would happen if the labor is approved and I-140 is pending and you have to apply for your 7th/8th year extension? I think this could happen to many people who are getting yearly extensions as nowadays it is usually taking 6 months to get your H1 approval/I-140 approval.


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  • rsdang
    01-02 10:17 AM
    Please consult a lawyer - She is now AOS and should not go back to H4 as that can mean she is abandoning her AOS which I am sure you dont want. I would not even recommend getting H4 stamped in her passport. ( same reason). I am in the same boat and my wife is using EAD - My lawyer did not process her H4 extension and only processed my H1 extension.

    Again - please consult a lawyer

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  • rajuram
    09-08 10:05 PM
    Hi all,
    I know the Forums are still pretty active but is the IV Organisation itself still active?

    I came across the IV website yesterday and was really stuck by the mission statement of the Organisation. I did not think twice - went ahead and got registered and made one time donation. I even voted for one of the polls for Sep 18 rally and making plans to visit DC but only to realise today that it was really old one :) Also when I was reviewing the forums today I realised that most of the activities seem to be around years 2006-2007 - like Fundraising Campaign or Media News ,etc.

    Appreciate anyones response to let me know if IC is still active. Please do not direct any personal attacks. I did not need to explore GC info so far since my GC was started only during March of 2010 & got my Lc approved only yesterday.

    If the organisation is still active, I am looking forward to joing the CT chapter. Thanks!

    Very good question. Depends on how one defines "Active":D

    Some people can be awake while sleeping and some people can be sleeping while they are awake.


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  • techbuyer77
    06-12 03:47 PM

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  • vinabath
    07-02 03:12 PM
    Now the IV core agenda is brought to life USCIS.

    USCIS, you are the god. You almost killed IV core agenda. Now you gave life to IV core agenda.


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  • gc28262
    07-30 07:07 AM
    Success Story: Showing a Valid Employer-Employee Relationship (http://shusterman.com/newsletterusimmigrationaugust2010.html#5)

    As reported in a previous newsletter, a January 8, 2010 USCIS memo entitled "Determining Employer-Employee Relationship for Adjudication of H-1B Petitions, Including Third-Party Site Placements" has made it more difficult, and sometimes impossible, for IT consulting firms who hire professionals to work at third-party worksites to obtain H-1B status on their behalf.
    The stated purpose of the memo by Donald Neufeld, Associate Director of Service Center Operations, is "to provide guidance, in the context of H-1B petitions, on the requirement that the petitioner establish that an employer- employee relationship exists and will continue to exist with the beneficiary throughout the duration of the requested H-1B validity period."

    The memo puts particular focus on determining if the employer has demonstrated that it has a "sufficient level of control over the employee." See our H-1B Visa Guide for additional information.

    We represent many IT consulting companies, some of which place temporary H-1B workers at client-sites as is common in the industry. In March 2010, we helped one of our corporate clients prepare and file an H-1B extension on behalf of a Senior Systems Administrator who had been working for the same employer since June 2009 in H-1B status authorized by USCIS.

    Approximately 3 weeks after the H-1B extension was filed, the USCIS issued a 4-page Request for Evidence (RFE) essentially asking for a laundry list of documents, including Tax Returns of both the petitioner and beneficiary, quarterly wage statements, contracts, photographs of the worksite, etc. to demonstrate that a valid employer-employee relationship existed and would continue to exist for the full duration of the requested H-1B extension of stay. The RFE actually asked for evidence that the employer-employee relationship had existed since the original H-1B approval had been issued (some 9 months before the H-1B extension).

    Fortunately, we had forewarned our client of the issues raised by the January 2010 memo and the company was able to provide us with much, if not all, of the requested evidence, including copies of contracts it had in place with the company where the employee was assigned. The contract included language that we brought to the Service's attention stating:

    "Contractor shall have sole responsibility to recruit, interview, test, select, hire, manage, train, counsel, discipline, review, evaluate, set pay rates(including the classification of Contractor Personnel as exempt or non-exempt), and terminate the persons who provide the Services hereunder."
    "On-site Contractor Personnel will be required to acknowledge that they are not employees of CLIENT COMPANY to agree to dispute resolution procedures regarding any dispute they may have concerning their employment by Contractor or concerning their employment status."
    We were able to further demonstrate the petitioner's supervision of the employee by showing the hierarchal structure of the organization and evidence that the company had control over the day-to-day activities of the employee through regular service and progress reports.

    This case shows the importance of preparing in advance for any possible issues as most RFEs issued by USCIS only allow the petitioner 30 days in which to respond. Because we had anticipated the issues raised in the Neufeld memo, we were able to provide sufficient evidence of the employer-employee relationship to satisfy the USCIS's concerns. This resulted in an H-1B approval notice being issued for our client a short time after our response to the RFE was filed.

    In this era of increased scrutiny by the USCIS of most types of petitions, we would not suggest any consulting or staffing agency even consider filing an H- 1B petition if it does not have sufficient evidence of the existence of the employer-employee relationship, including signed contracts between the petitioner and the end-client. It is important to note that in many cases similar to this, the USCIS will only approve the H-1B petition for the duration of the contract between the employer and the end-client. Read more of our Immigration Success Stories.

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  • mirchiseth
    05-29 01:18 PM
    Just to confirm, based on webm's response

    For applying the 120 day rule for I131 renewal, we should use the date printed on existing AP paper and not the date stamped by the immigration officer when a person uses AP to re-enter the country from outside.


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  • boston_gc
    07-09 11:01 PM
    I am sure there are many guys in this forum as frustrated as I am and we all have been wondering what our other options are. I also know that lot of people have started to think very seriously about immigration to other countries.

    Based on our current circumstances, I have been wondering if it will be worth making a collective effort. In other words, how about if wrote an open and collective letter to leaders of the other immigrant friendly countries about our interest in immigration to their country for the mutual economic and professional benefits. I know this sounds a little silly but if USA is not ready to recognize and appreciate the benefits of legal immigrant community then I am sure there will be several other countries willing to benefit from this situation and gain competitive excellence. After all, we are all professionals and we all have lot to offer to the economy of today's competitive world. I believe we deserve a little better than we got right now.

    Any thoughts?

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  • shana04
    01-26 12:26 PM
    I am in the same boat and need to get my address updated. So what I understand from above posts is that there is no need to do paper based AR11 and can just do it online for I-485, EAD as well as AP, right?? Once done, just keep printouts for records , thats it???

    Can someone please confirm.

    one thing to notice is that you get soft lud's with in one week


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  • lj_rr
    07-30 10:13 AM
    So the USCIS article asks you to select Nebraska or Texas based on where you live.
    Another place I read that it is based on location of permanent employment.

    For me my employer is based at NJ and I work for a client in CA.
    They have sent my 485 to Texas. Does this look Ok.

    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=eb7b5cdc2c463110VgnVCM1000004718190aRCR D&vgnextchannel=fe529c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • GCard_Dream
    09-20 05:31 PM
    How does that help us?

    .. by trying to get our provisions included in this bill .. Duh..

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  • sivakumar
    01-25 09:06 AM
    Hello everyone,
    I went online to check the status of my I-485 and it displayed me the following message


    Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.

    On December 19, 2007 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service.

    What does it mean? Does it mean that I-485 is approved.

    Pls guide.

    call customer service as it says they will tell you exactly waht happened

    07-04 10:44 AM

    Here is my experience. I attended interview at Chennai Consulate on 06/23/08 (H1 approval notice - 2006). Got my passport back in 2 days. No PIMS delay as my info was already in their system. My daughter (H4 approval notice - 2006 and principal applicant is my husband) attended the interview on the same day. However, her info was not available in PIMS. They kept the passport and said it will be sent within a week. I sent an email (to ChennaiNIV@state.gov) on 07/02. They sent a reply asking me to contact them again in 3 days. By God's grace, she received her stamped passport on 07/04.

    Now, answers to your questions:

    Chennai appointments slots are normally open 3-4 weeks in advance. Make an appointment accordingly.

    I think the info is added to PIMS on a routine basis. Making an appointment does not seem to have any effect. If, on the day of your interview, your info is there in PIMS, it is there. Otherwise, you will have to wait till the time they add it.

    I normally go to Chennai as that is my regional consulate.

    I am not aware of any specific way to make them add your info to PIMS (if it is already not there) before you actually attend the interview.

    We have always followed one very successful strategy in all our visa dealings with US consulate namely, PRAY TO GOD.

    All the very best for your interview.

    Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert on visa stamping procedures or on any of the issues discussed above. These are all my opinions/assumptions only purely based on my experience.

    Hi sk76012w,

    Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience. I would really appreciate if you can reply to my couple of questions:

    1. Was it a H1B renewal for yourself?
    2. Your approval notice was approx. for which month of 2006?
    3. As I can make out, your daughter attended the interview with the H1 Approval Notice of your husband? And that means, the information for your husband's H1 petition was not there in PIMS. Am I right here? Can you please let me know which month/year your husband's approval notice was for?


    07-17 06:06 PM
    Guys keep contributing...

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