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  • kvrr
    02-12 03:13 PM
    Is it possible to transfer H1 from company A to B after I-140 approval and H1- 3 year extension and continue the GC process (apply for I-485 when date becomes current) with company A provided company A has no objections?

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  • newyorker123
    09-27 09:21 PM
    Recently I filed FOIA for the complete set of documents on my I-485, becaz my employer didnt share any documents with me.
    Now I got my I-140 application and Receipt Notice and all the documents submitted for I-485, but there is no I-140 approval notice, is anyone out there filed FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice? or should I file I-824 to get the I-140 approval notice?

    Contributed $200 towards advocacy.

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  • chakrijs
    02-15 09:12 AM
    Hi rvr_jcop

    Thanks for your valuble advice.To the best of my knowledge my company is not a TARP Company.So if my company happens to be a TARP company ,there is a possibility for H-1 renewal denail.otherwise not.Pls correct me.

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  • bluekayal
    10-22 08:29 PM
    call again using POJ method. But don't lose sleep.


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  • shana04
    06-15 11:34 AM
    Dear Friends,
    Please advise me

    1. Does the birth certificate issued by Indian consulate in foreign country is deemed acceptable?
    Thanks you all.

    If Birth Certificate issue by Indian consulate then it should be ok, as it is from consulate

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  • Dhundhun
    10-26 01:36 PM
    ... US is an English speaking nation although people from all parts of the word live here. We have to abide by the common language which is English and not Spanish. ...

    This statemet has narrow sprit of English Only Movement (English-only movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English-only_movement)), where as US is much broader (Languages of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_in_the_United_States)). Many states and citizens won't agree.


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  • dwhuser
    06-15 11:24 PM
    Oh! Thanks for the explanation. We will ask his old employer if he would give us the letter. Honestly I doubt.... if he can give the letter without an active payroll or a Purchase order for a future project. No harm in tring though.....

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  • narendra_modi
    03-04 10:04 PM
    what is missing, I am on H1B, I haven't filed yet anything for the GC, tell me why it is irrelevant post ? Whats wrong in redirecting the immigrationvoice.com to ebimmigrationvoice.com because I have observed that when ever some newbie ask some thing non eb based, e g , a family based legal immigration Que. then people here just give hard time..

    narendra_modi = troll alert

    reasons: first post, missing info, irrelevant post


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  • terpcurt
    January 1st, 2005, 09:54 AM
    The alien bees are nice, and you can a good setup and not spend $2,000....... I got 2 bees, stands, wired remotes, hard side travel case, umbrellas and a softbox for less than $1,000.

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  • Asian
    07-18 04:57 PM
    It is puzzling that EB3 World didn't move a single day. Per my calculations, it should move three months in each month.

    My calcuations were based upon that there are about 100,000 applicants (excluding Indian) between year 2001 and 2005. Currently, China Mexico Philippine's cut off date is the same as ROW. I just assumed that there are about 35,000 visas available for ROW including China, Mexico, and Philipine (the remaining 10,000 for India) per year. In this case, it should move by three months in each month.

    I accept that there are lots of loop holes in my calculations as it didn't move a single day.

    Does anyone have a rough idea how many non Indian applicants out there between year 2001 and 2005?

    I think many of you can do more accurate calculations based upon more reliable sources. Please show me how.

    Many people say uselessness of predictions but I think we can predict to certain extent.


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  • gouridighade
    04-29 04:09 PM
    The Travisa website doesnt say that they require notarised copies of anything.

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  • makemygc
    09-16 12:24 AM
    4th thread by Chandu.......do administrators not monitor this?

    Is andy garcia and andy_8214 the same? Just wondering:rolleyes:


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  • eb3retro
    08-07 08:30 PM
    not true for me either..atleast for the next 3 years..oh well, life goes on...:D:D:D

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  • sanju_dba
    12-21 12:36 PM

    In another thread, IV is proposing only pushing filing 485 before priority date. I try to understand what the benefits are by filing it. For one thing, you can switch jobs after 6 months? How about setting up your own consulting company?

    My understanding is you can setup business even with your H1 status, and has no dependency on 485.


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  • rajenk
    03-25 06:08 PM
    Try h**p://www.maggio-kattar.com. They are my current employer's immigration attorney and they charged $750 for both mine and my wife's case.

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  • mjdup
    12-17 07:34 PM
    I attended the event at UMass Lowell. Congressman Marty Meehan and new governor elect Deval Patrick were at the event. The topic of discussion was "global warming". Both governor and congressman took off after the event but I had a chance to talk to their staff.

    One of congressman's staff went through the folder I provided with IV documents but he works for energy related issues and will pass to the staff dealing with immigration. He did provide me the senior staff member who looks into immigration issues. I'm going to email and try and meet him. Congressman Meehan is part of the judiciary committee related to immigration.

    MA members> I'll send out a separate email to you guys and each one of us should contact and educate the congressman though his main focus seems to be the climate change issue.


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  • milind70
    10-15 10:45 AM
    Hello Gurus,
    I am EB3 India with PD September 2002.

    After all these years of endless waiting I am called for
    an interview at the local office in Philadelphia
    in Nov 26th 2007.

    Here are my details:
    Labour Applied: September 2002
    Labour approved: September 2003
    I-140/I-485 Applied: April 2004
    I-140 Pproved: August 2004
    Got married: August 2005
    Applied I-485 for Wife: June 2007
    Current Status of Wife: H1-B
    Countelss EADs and APs for me and a recent EAD approval
    for my wife with her AP still pending and status is still H1-B.

    In the beginning of this year, I resigned from the
    company who was the original sponsorer of my GC.
    I then started contracting on hourly basis and worked for
    a decent hourly rate for the first half of this year.
    Finally I got a full time offer with decent salary and
    benefits and took the job. I started working for this
    job - remotely and also took up another contracting job
    on an hourly basis (Got greedy as I waited too long :-))
    and started working on both these jobs.
    The point is - it is a different technology and not even
    remotely connected to my original job where my Labour
    cert was applied and approved. I was a developer
    back then and with all the experience, I couldn't
    continue as the pay was too low and no growth at all.

    I can have a letter of future employment that
    states that I have on offer in the same technology
    in which my original labour was applied and approved
    and that is not a problem at all.

    Please advise me on how to go about it. I can
    afford to pay and take the best attorney with me
    to the interview - some one who is very well known in
    the Philadelphia area.

    Any inputs/advise are really appreciated.

    IMP: Icing on the cake - my PD was mentioned wrong in
    the interview notice - it says april 2004 !!
    That was when my i-140 was applied and not labour.
    My labour was applied in September 2002 !!!
    Advise on this is also appreciated.

    Thanks a lot.

    I think you should be fine, just be confident dont waiver in interview.
    Stick to what is on paper.
    Regarding your PD it is of utmost importance that you get it corrected now
    than later, I had a friend who had a PD of May 2001 but his PD was detrmined to be may 2004 his attorney raised a query and got it corrected.
    I think in your case because have put your 140 date as PD since PD is usually determined at 140 stage and u have filed concurrently,make sure you bring this upto the notice of USCIS and get it corrected .

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  • RDB
    12-21 10:32 AM
    A1. Yes, they will interview you together.
    A2. It is NOT advisable to take the immigration attorney with you IF your case is clear, i.e. no out of status etc. When we went for the interview, the officer clearly told us that you did good by not having an attorney - they get annoyed by them :). As soon as he realized that we didn't have anybody representing us, he was way more relaxed than with other people who had representation.
    A3. Yes, they can and will approve on the spot if they are satisfied with your answers!
    A4. Yes, they can stamp the passport if they approve it - in my case, they approved it but couldn't stamp the passport because my PD was not current. He said, you will get the card as soon as your PD becomes current.

    Just relax and take all the necessary documentation with you - and be absolutely confident in your answers. Oh, and btw, I was also promoted when we went for the interview and that doesn't make any difference - as long as you are employed (same company is better).

    Hope this helps.

    Hello Everybody,

    My wife & I have our 485 interviews in January. Any advice is appreciated. Mine is a EB (EB- 2) petition. Our PD is April 2006. We filed for 485's in July 2007 and our 485's were transferred to National Benefits Center in 2008. I was promoted hence my title is different now from what was filed on the Labor application and job duties only changed a little bit. My petitioner is the same,

    Couple of questions -
    Will they interview my wife & I together ?
    Is it advisable to take the immigration attorney with us for the interview.?
    Can the IO approve the case on the spot.?
    Can IO stamp the passport since my PD is current.?

    If somebody can direct me to any recent experiences for folks who did have interviews - that would be really helpful.



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  • camarasa
    08-09 06:00 PM
    Immigration debate: Firms warn of lack of workers
    Federal crackdown could force firings across the state.
    By Susan Ferriss - Bee Staff Writer
    Published 12:00 am PDT Thursday, August 9, 2007

    California businesses, which employ the majority of illegal immigrants throughout the country, are reeling after federal officials announced a new workplace crackdown.

    People in industries as diverse as California's hotels and massive farms, its restaurants and convalescent homes,said Wednesday they are confused and fear they could be forced into mass firings.

    Those at risk are employers who've received letters from the Social Security Administration saying their workers' numbers don't match names in federal databases.

    As early as this month, the Department of Homeland Security plans to require all employers who have received those letters to fire the workers if the discrepancy cannot be resolved relatively quickly.

    The department is planning to use the letters to track down employers and conduct raids if necessary, leading to fines or prosecution of businesses that don't fire the workers in question.

    Homeland Security has been considering using Social Security information as a tool to enforce immigration laws for some time, but officials were waiting to see if Congress would approve changes to put some illegal immigrants on a path to legal residency.

    Central Valley farmers -- and other agricultural interests who provide a huge percentage of the nation's food -- are warning Americans that they believe small businesses could go under and that prices could soar or products could become scarce.

    "This is the nightmare I always hoped we would never get to," said Manuel Cuhna of the Nisei Farmers League, an industry association in the San Joaquin Valley, a cradle of American food production.

    "I'm totally agitated about this," Cuhna said. "Everybody has received those letters, 90 percent of them in the farm industry. We're going to have to shut down the food chain."

    Cuhna said he and others are frustrated because, "One part of the government has been telling us not to fire workers, and now another is going to tell us to fire them."

    Up to this point, the Social Security Administration has instructed employers, in those letters, not to fire their workers but just to inform them of the mismatch.

    Some workers, sensing their covers were blown, voluntarily left jobs after the letters arrived.

    Many California employers see the new Homeland Security policy as an attack on the same businesses that have for years implored Congress to create better tools to help them check the veracity of workers' documents.

    They also were counting on Congress to provide more legal work visas to foreign workers they need in many jobs.

    While some Social Security numbers are stolen by fraudulent document artists, most of the mismatches in numbers are thought to be due to illegal immigrants' use of invented Social Security numbers.

    A Sacramento construction worker who builds sound walls along freeways and housing subdivisions said he has used a fake Social Security number for 10 years.

    "The employers are just going to keep hiring people, but off the books completely," he predicted, requesting that his name not be used out of fear he might be discovered.

    Cuhna said he received a call Wednesday from a California dairy farmer who has received a number of letters informing him of employees' mismatched names and Social Security numbers.

    But his businesses relies on foreign workers willing to do the isolated, messy job of caring for and milking cows, Cuhna said.

    "He's in a panic. If they come and take his workers away, he'll have no one to milk his cows and his cows will die," Cuhna said.

    "I told him, 'Take photos of those cows with their legs up in the air and send it to Congress.' "

    Inside thousands of California dairies, which produce about 20 percent of the nation's milk, "There are a lot of illegal workers, let me tell you that," Cuhna said.

    Jesse Alderete, a labor contractor in the Salinas Valley, the largest producer of U.S. fresh vegetables, said: "This is going to be delicate. There are going to be hundreds of thousands of people running around without jobs."

    Larry Rohlfes, a director of the California Landscaping Contractors Association, said, "I know it's coming, and I know it's going to hurt." Rohlfes' group has been outspoken in admitting employers probably have undocumented workers on their payrolls. The same employers say they have done all that was required of them to check employee documents, copy them and keep them on file.

    He predicted that dismissed landscapers will enter the underground economy.

    Trying to ferret out workers by following Social Security's mismatch letters might also backfire by sparking a greater demand for cards with stolen Social Security numbers, said some former Homeland Security officials.

    "This will, frankly, spur more identity theft of legitimate legal residents' and American citizens' documents," said Victor Cerda, a Washington, D.C., immigration lawyer who was in charge of removal of illegal immigrants while with Homeland Security.

    He said the new policy was a "dramatic shift" toward putting the responsibility for illegal immigration on employers, a good shift but too "piecemeal" because it doesn't address a real demand for labor.

    "Is Congress really going to line up with Homeland Security when enforcement goes into their neighborhoods, and disrupts business and they start hearing from constituents?" Cerda asked.


    02-26 01:19 PM
    Yes, it is called Consular Processing. You can apply using I140; Only Caveat being, visa number should be available (Priority date should be current) when attending the consular interview and the visa is employment/family based immigrant visa (unofficially green card) - not non-immigrant visas like H1/B1/L1.

    12-11 02:24 PM
    Not that this should trump any of the above answers coz there could be context behind these that I don't understand. I had asked these same questions to Prashanthi Reddy, the lawyer who volunteers here at IV.

    Can one apply for an EAD while they are out of the country?-NO


    Can one travel when EAD is pending?-YES

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