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  • gchopeful
    07-17 07:03 PM
    After July 30th, you have to pay the higher fee, but you will get free AP/EADs for the entire duration until adjudication.

    So, it's up to you (and whoever is paying for ur EADs).. you can decide appropriately.

    I'm sorry, I think I misspoke.

    From the USCIS memo posted on AILA's website (ref: http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?docid=22912):

    USCIS�s announcement today allows anyone who was eligible to apply under Visa Bulletin No. 107 a full month�s time to do so. Applications already properly filed with USCIS will also be accepted. The current fee schedule will apply to all applications filed under Visa Bulletin No. 107 through August 17, 2007. (The new fee schedule that becomes effective on July 30, 2007, will
    apply to all other applications filed on or after July 30, 2007).

    So I guess, the old fee will still apply even after July 30th for 485 filings.. and I guess no free EAD benefits will apply either. Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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  • arnab221
    04-27 11:00 AM
    Yeah ,

    Look like closed door discussions are in full swing .The below articles say so .



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  • pratibha
    04-23 09:25 PM
    When My immigration came through, my family and I all flew down by air, stamped ourselves as Landed Immigrants and then came back to states.
    You will have to give somebody's address at the airport and also apply for your PR card before you come back to states. Once you get your PR card then you are free to travel even by road passing the border post otherwise without the PR card you will have to apply for a visa every time you go to Canada. The PR card will be posted to the that somebody's house so that person can post it to the US. I am a landed immigrant since Feb 2005 but still live in states.
    To maintain the PR status you have to be the country for 2 years.

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  • Nabeel
    10-26 04:34 PM
    I think one should have a valid reason to Travel abroad on AP but IO can ask this question at your port of entry. So my understanding is one can apply for AP but should have valid reason to use it (travel) and should be able to satisfy IO at port of entry if they bring this question at your entry. I do not remember if we have any place on AP form to explain the reason to apply for AP.


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  • ajkastar
    07-27 01:32 PM

    We are in a peculiar situation regarding our FP. Did you take your FP taken? If so, did you get your file updated sometime after FP was completed? When you gave FP the last time, do you whether they had processed it before the approval?
    We had to postpone our 2nd FP in May and gave our prints only in the end of June. I heard that such cases get into delays or problems. The first time over, our FPs were cleared in a week.
    Your response will be appreciated. Thanks.
    Thank you!

    Yes I had my 1st fingerprints done in 2003 and 2nd in 2006. Status was updated for first but not for second firgerprints.

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  • highskies26
    08-15 12:07 AM
    +2003 11
    2004 37
    2005 49
    2006 35
    Total 132

    draw your own conclusions
    Seems right to me... I think a lot of 2004-2005 applicants are also getting approved.

    BTW, I am also a 2006 applicant and July 2nd filer but still waiting... :(


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  • chanduv23
    09-03 10:00 PM
    Politely: I think that my time can be better spent distributing fliers. My time is limited, if I attend this I won't have much time to distribute fliers. So unless someone convinces me why this is more important I won't be attending.

    The event is mainly to bolster the attendance for the Rally and also give the community an opportunity to interact with other community members to discuss mobilization plans and campaigns.

    While few members are highly informed on all these things, a lot of members will have basic questions.

    Distributing flyers is good, we we must continue to do that - these flyers must be distributed at strategic locations otherwise there is not much use. The locations would include highly populated skilled workers areas like Jersey and NYC where thousands of tech workers are affected by retrogression and also universities where students who graduate will face the quota issues when they look for their first job.

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  • venky321
    02-24 12:53 PM
    Its probably a good thing that LCA laws are being enforced. If a person hasn't gone on the bench and has a valid LCA, I don't think that person would be affected by this.

    Consulting companies who adjust with the times and work to comply with the enforcement might come out of this stronger when the recession ends.


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  • jpreston
    December 31st, 2004, 11:11 AM
    Great shot. I like the second one with the red accent a little better. As far as spending money for studio equipment, take a look at Alien Bees studio lights. They are a subsidiary of White-Lightning and really work great. Reasonably priced, too. I think their web site is www.alienbees.com (http://www.alienbees.com)

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  • Sandeep
    01-23 09:14 AM
    DO we guys have a plan, a project ?
    How we want to approach these critical subjects ?
    How are we using the funds ???
    The reason why I am not contributing is I dont know where the money will go or is goin right now ????
    -First of all I am happy to note that you said WE guys not YOU guys.
    -Yes, we have a plan. To put it in generic terms, what we have to first do is to get professional help. Over the last 2 weeks, guys have taken pains to come on their personal time and money to D.C. to listen to and decide on such an organization. Not to mention the numerous telecons in which many of the volunteers have participated. On top of that we are launching on a membership drive to let people know of this organization. We are also planning on having a coordinated organized approach to meeting lawmakers.
    -The funds would be primarily used to get such a professional organization. A little bit of it may be required for other purposes like say the PR /getting the message out
    -The money as of now is not"going" anywhere - it is being collected for the uses I described above. Note that all the members have been spending from their pockets for all the meeting/visits I described above. Be assured that none of us are doing this for monetory reasons - in fact all we are getting is lesser time for our families and a lot of hard work.
    -Unless people start contributing there is no way that we can do any of the activities mentioned above. To wait for the full details of the actions makes no sense for me. If I knew all these steps, why would I hire a strategist?! Also if people are not willing to contribute the money/ not do anything, how much committed are they to the cause?
    If you want me to call and explain this, send me a PM with your phone number.


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  • maristella61
    04-20 12:42 PM
    Why don`t you ask your Attorney about it since you are paying him and that`s his job to tell what documents he needs. ASK HIM.

    I did and he says we will submit a copy of the Visa and just hope they do not request the approval letter.
    I was just wondering how important an approval letter was if you have the visa stamped on the passport. That should be proof enough of legal status.

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  • immilaw
    09-14 12:44 PM
    Normally the consulate in Canada or Mexico will only entertain an application if the person graduated from a school in the US. The reason being that they can verify the genuineness of the education which is not possible in a situation where the person went to a school in a different country. But if you are already in the US in H-1B status and have a H-1B visa in the passport then you have a better chance of getting a visa.


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  • james_bond_007
    12-07 02:21 PM
    My friend is going back to India next month. He filed for 485 in Aug 2007, PD April 2003 EB3 India. Is there a way to continue the Green Card process while he is in India ?. Is there an option where the employer can state that the employee is on temporary transfer to a different country and not loose the current Green Card application ?. Greatly appreciate any thoughts or insights.

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  • feedfront
    10-07 06:22 PM
    Can admin keep PDF version of it before it disappears from the site? I don't know how much usefult it can be but just in case...

    Sad part is, it can not be verified.


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  • thomachan72
    06-04 08:30 AM
    I am no expert but here are a few suggestions.

    Your visa expiry date will correspond to the duration of stay originally requested in your I-129 and stated in the approved Labor C.
    However, once you enter the US your attorney will file to extend your visa and your visa will be extended for another 3 years duration from Sept 2010 (when the current one expires). After that 3 year expires you will be eligible for another 2 years + months that remains out of the total 6 years possible.

    I dont feel that you have to worry too much. The only problem is you will only have an approval notice after the Sept 2010. Once you leave the US, to reenter you will need to go to any consulate to get the visa stamped.

    Welcome to the "immigration maze". When you walk through you will see people stuck, directionless and hopeless. Try to give them a hand. Rarely you will come across people who are "very optimistic" for no obvious reason. Try to get some optimism from them to keep you energized. Best.

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  • sid_das
    04-21 06:15 PM
    yes, i am in IT , data warehousing .. i dont know why it didnt go through. any idea if i can file a new H1 while appealing the denial? thanks


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  • prdgl
    02-12 09:33 PM

    Will anybody know what kind of issues I will face if I go for EB2 with MS+0or Will it go through fine ? Want to know both for LC and I-140 stage.


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  • Escape_Velocity
    04-10 12:48 PM
    GC Struggle, I am not sure about your comments on "reactivated by filing an amendment with USCIS" to get back to H1B status after being employed with EAD. As per my understanding once you had utlized EAD then if one wants to go back to H1B then it is like a NEW H1B petition and NOT just claiming your old H1B. If possible could you pls provide a link to official document stating the approach suggested in your post.

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  • check_name
    07-24 07:33 PM
    thank you very much for the info.
    I will check Joe Hohenstein out to see whether he is interested in my case!

    - Joe Hohenstein's Law Firm Orlow & Orlow is in Philadelphia, and typically represents clients
    in the Northeast. Joe can take individual emails at joe@orlow.com;
    because there may be a lot of emails, please allow for a delay in the
    response. If the questions are get to be more detailed, he would talk
    about treating them as an initial consultation, which is $100.


    01-28 10:49 PM
    It seems we are in synch.
    Sep 04

    MTR approved in December 09.

    RFE for EVL on 23 rd Jan 23 rd.

    Replying this week.

    Let us see what is in store.

    06-30 08:29 PM

    My mom's a Gynecologist. She got her MBBS and MS from India in 1978. She has been working in India since then.

    How can she start practicing in the United States? I have absolutely NO idea. I have heard about the USMLE Exam, but is it necessary for a person with 25+ years of experience? Will she have to do her medical-residency AGAIN?

    Please advise.

    This seems like a bogus post. There are lots of information on the net.

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