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  • boom
    06-13 09:06 AM

    I had the same situation for my daughter who turned 14.They requested for biometric fee $80.00.It should be simple and OK.just pay the the amount and you should be fine.After that you may get a FP notice.

    Once we sent the bimetric fee,proceesing resumed and everything was fine.

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  • kshitijnt
    01-24 04:26 PM
    I think your attorney and HR are winking at each other. Looks like this is a cheapo lawyer. Tell them that you will file H1 extension only if they apply I-140 by premium or else you will go back to India. If you are in consulting and a revenue generating employee this is the best approach. Your employer will be a FOOL not to take you seriously. Also give them a few examples of people who got 3 year extension and ask why not for you?

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-06 09:51 AM
    See answers below, IN CAPS.

    I'm a little confused about my options in starting my H1 extension process and applying for my wife's H4 application.
    Here is my current status :
    6 yr H1-B period is ending on Dec 22, 2009. I'm getting married in India in October and will apply for my wife's H4 immediately after. Here are my questions :

    1. Will there be any problem with my wife's H4 application if there are just 2 months of validity left on my H1 visa?


    2. I could potentially start my H1 extension process now. I'm eligible for a 3 year extension since the Priority date of Jan 3, 2006, on my EB2 application is not current. If I was to start my extension process now, my approval may not happen before October and my lawyer says there may be some problems if I travel outside the country on a pending H1 application. Should I apply for my H1 extension now or after I come back to the US in November?


    3. If I was to apply for H1 extension in Nov and don't get an approval by the time of my current H1 expiry in December, will I be out of status?



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  • pappu
    09-19 07:12 AM
    If you are referring to my earlier mail about NIH, it is not a university but an umbrella term for 12 + National Institutes of Health. The institutions are completely funded by and part of the federal government. If there are immigrant investigators working there as staff members, they should at least have GC already. But, postdocs and other 'glorified' staff positions require either J1, H1, EAD from NIH or employed in such visas by contracting staffing companies.
    Thanks gg_ny for the tips and mails. we will be contacting you for help.

    We are also looking for professors in universities that are retrogressed. This is one section that has not been covered much in the media.


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  • PD_Dec2002
    06-29 11:34 AM
    what is mandatory?.....what happens if a person has to move 6 months after they file I-485.....aint they going to change their address??.....can we use AR-11 to do that?....there is no way I can wait for 4 years at my current place to get my green card in hand.....would appreciate any suggestions

    What is mandatory is that you have to provide YOUR address to get the GC. Your friend's address is not YOUR address. If you move after 6 months invoking AC21 or just buy a house down the street, you would need to notify USCIS about YOUR new address so they will send the GC to the new address.


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  • aguy
    01-05 01:59 AM

    I have a last minute doubt - my H1B stamp on the passport is expired, so is the white I94 card. I have a valid I797 extension.

    Can I use automatic revalidation? I am in doubt because the white I94 card is expired and I will have to present it to the officer at the port of entry.



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  • kabeer_g
    08-10 03:39 PM
    You are right that to get registered in US I would have to marry in US. That's why I was asking if I even need to get it registered in US to file for my green card. Response I got on this forum was Indian registration certificate is fine.

    I want to restate that I got my green card on August 9th 2010. So I need to be married prior to this date for my wife to derive her green card status using mine.


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  • blogger
    06-24 11:27 AM
    Can you share you're thoughts for my post?

    I recommend talking to a lawyer. Remember, that you (and your partner) are certifying and signing all forms. So, if you are legally married, it would be perjury to leave the "spouse" field as blank.



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  • mgmanoj
    08-27 06:21 PM
    He has 20 years experience means 13 + 9 years of experience will make bachelors equivalent and 10 years of experience.

    Will the job requirement saying bachelors equivalent + 10 year experience will qualify as EB2 ? rather than masters or bachelors plus 5 years ?

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  • gc28262
    07-15 05:43 PM
    This memo was discussed extensively on this forum in the past and many lawyers have given their opinion.

    Summary: You don't need to worry. As long as you are on AOS, you are authorized to stay in the country irrespective of your I-94 expiry date.

    Here is the memo


    Here is what Ron Gotcher said:
    I don't care what the non-binding policy memo says, it can't trump a duly promulgated regulation. Indeed, I don't think that they were trying to do that. The problem stems from the fact that the policy memo is a lot of inarticulate babble and is very hard to decipher. In any case, it is a memo, not a statute or a regulation and it must bow in the face of a regulation with contradictory information.

    Here is another link:


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  • indyanguy
    06-15 07:31 PM
    Are 2 affidavits from parents sufficient if the birth certificate does not have a name on it?

    Please advise!!

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  • alterego
    06-21 10:27 PM
    You would be best served with the services of an experienced attorney in this area. This is a rather difficult situation. Any answers on this board are likely to be speculative. Some money spent in this critical juncture would be money well spent.
    From what I can see, you have 2 options, either to continue with your currently approved 140 and file for a 485 or get a new one and try to affix your PD from the old approved 140. Either way once you get to the 485 stage you should be more secure in things, and can then look to invoke AC 21 rules.


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  • The7zen
    03-24 02:23 PM
    ...looks like you are in a tough situation...try to get a H1B transfer ASAP, i know its gonna be tough in this market, but don't loose hope and keep trying...Good luck.

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  • Dr Phibes
    June 25th, 2006, 03:38 AM
    Cheers Mark

    As I suspected, it is on the sensor.
    I have just run though the mirror lock up procedure, and I was OK with that. I'll take a look at the sensor with a magnifying glass, see if I can see the spec. Failing that, I'll get down to the specialist.

    All this does make me wonder if th DSLR route was wise http://www.dphoto.us/forum/images/icons/icon9.gif


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  • Dhundhun
    08-13 12:39 AM
    English equivalent:

    There is a saying that in forest, Pecock dance before rain (implies, if they dance, rain follows).

    So start dancing, GC will follow.

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  • intheyan
    08-13 09:07 PM
    I feel the name check rule is just for our satisfaction and it is not helping most of the name check clearence.


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  • bitzbytz
    07-13 02:17 PM
    wooah...i got the problem solved.
    The problem we had was, we got the pay from jan to may but the employer gave all the pay just for pay period May instead of individual months.

    NY ways, i consulted a attorney and he suggested few things....

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  • gaz
    07-23 02:26 PM
    try talking to Alanita Travels
    ALANITA TRAVEL - FLY WITH US TO INDIA (http://www.alanitatravel.com/)

    PS - I am not affiliated in any way with them - other than having used their services in the past.

    In my experience, going to the airlines respective websites get you a similar deal. Try



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  • buddyinsd
    02-07 01:02 PM
    The only diff b/w these illegals vs legals is education. These illegals r uneducated and dont fear law and can go to any extent as opposed to legals who're well educated. At the same time, the Tri-valley situation brings to the fore the credibility of educated indians too!!! All those students came to US "legally" but started violating the law from the word GO by working at Gas stations, Mc Donalds etc...to make ends meet. Infact some even got in very well knowing that it was not completely legal as the guy from the university who was bringing ppl was a desi who worked for the university and forged fake documents for the students.

    Overall, the Indian immigrant's image is at stake right now and this might lead to enforcing new laws against legal immigrants (read scrutiny, queries etc...)

    10-26 04:03 PM
    Here's how I see it.

    If you are employed by a US company and are on the US payroll of that company, and they are paying your salary into your US bank account, then I would say, that even though you may be working remotely in an Indian office of that US company - then yes, you need the EAD.

    Why - you might ask. Very simply, if you are on the US payroll you need to have an I-9 on file with the company. You can only file an I-9 if you have the legal right to work in the US for that company (EAD / GC / Citizen / H1B etc).

    so what it all boils down to is, no matter where you are working in the world for the company, if you are on the US payroll, you need an I-9, to file the I-9 you need a legal right to work, and that for you means the EAD.

    one other thing. I believe that you also need to be in the US to file for and receive the AP & EAD.

    Hope that helps


    01-20 11:33 AM
    Unfortunately, like freeskier said, using external libraries isn't allowed. The rules aren't necessarily all encompassing, but this was a question that was asked before: http://www.kirupa.com/forum/showpost.php?p=2422799&postcount=26

    Your entry is really cool, and I am sure nobody doubts that. It is just for a competetion about programming, it is assumed that all code is your own :P

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