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  • coopheal
    12-09 07:31 AM

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  • s416504
    02-22 12:14 PM
    5. My wife has an H1 also, so as she used her EAD(which came as my dependent) not with the company which hold's her H1, in this case what would be the status of her H1, can she quit her present job and do another job using her H1, is that H1 still valid.

    I think she is ok to switch to H1 but you all need to go out of US & Enter with that H1B Visa for switching plus she has to work with H1B sponcer employer.

    Any way share us output after consulting good attorney.

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  • jkays94
    04-26 06:57 PM
    Glad to have been of assistance and happy that the IV core played the greatest part in getting the story out. Lets keep our eyes and ears open as we look out for more opportunities. There is a potential opportunity from this article shared by gonecrazyonh4 : http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showpost.php?p=9627&postcount=321

    I looked around the site and found out that the misleading article was an op-ed and that the paper actually has someone dedicated to immigration issues. I found the following info, it might be worth following up as part of telling the other side of the story and correcting misperceptions that may have been created :

    Brenda Gazzar : brenda.gazzar at dailybulletin.com, Immigration and Ethnic Issues (909) 483-9355

    More contacts here : http://www.dailybulletin.com/contactus

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  • newbie2020
    08-11 09:47 AM
    Since it is a new H1 I would say unless the petitioning employer is not co-operating, Then you don't have any other choice. You need to wait until next April for new H1.

    Did u try to go to another consulate, Say Mumbai or Chennai or Kolkata.
    I am not sure if that would work, since i have heard that consulate will sometimes hold the passport and/or stamp on the back that this application was received.

    If you are able to go to another consulate go ahead and check your luck, sometimes they don't ask anything for documentation (This happened with me twice)


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  • desitechie
    05-03 11:19 PM
    I have applied EAD renewal to AZ lock box. It was delivered on Mar 29. I have not got any receipt so far. Also check is not cashed.

    Now it is 30 days and I should be able to call USCIS.

    I have two questions:

    1. Mail was sent with delivery confirmation, which confirms delivery on Mar 29. What if the package is lost there? Could I applying again? How USCIS treats two applications?

    2. I have not received any receipt, except I have delivery slip from Post Office. In counting 90 days, is it taken based on receipt or based on Post Office slip?

    Thanks a lot.

    Sorry about your plight. did you use USPS express mail? Do you have the name of the person who received in the Chase lockbox?


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  • theoyilma
    09-10 01:01 PM
    Thanks sbmallik

    If I was already on H1B right now, I know I would be able to extend my H1B visa until I get my green card. But, right now, I am on TN visa. And also I have finished the 6 years quota on H1B. So, I was just wondering if I can apply again for H1B. I have been on TN visa for about a year and half. I was just wondering, the fact that I haven't been on H1B visa for more than a year, would qualify me again to apply for H1B.

    Thanks again!!



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  • JunRN
    12-18 04:16 PM
    What do you mean? An approved I-140 suddenly got reversed decision and was denied? Haven't heard of such cases. Can you please show me the link? thanks!

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  • Munna Bhai
    08-28 09:05 AM
    thanks munnabhai. I have read somewhere that if I/140 is approved and visa is unavailable then H1 can be extended for 3 yrs. Correct me if its not true.

    yes, that is true


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  • mjdup
    12-18 10:49 AM
    Yes, that's my plan, to have MA and NH state members send emails to the congressman's office to try and get appointment. This will provide good opportunity to present the material from our resources section. thanks.

    Will keep you posted.

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  • bekugc
    07-18 03:08 PM
    These are the times when things pple do are either legal or illegal. (its hard to say if its right or wrong)

    if govt allowed labor substitution and people used it; then it only goes to say they were oppurtunistic. they dint do anything wrong!

    if a company had an idle labor and if Mr X was interested in using it, if its legal, let him use. 1000s entered into win-win situations and got their GCs via this.

    :-) why get mad and just blame one person?


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  • nitlsu
    07-18 12:59 AM
    From the numbersusa site it seems that the Senate is currently debating the DoD appropriations bill and Sen. Cornyn of TX has introduced ammendment SA 2143 to enable recapture of unused EB visas from the years 1996-1997.

    Does anyone have any more details on this? Do we need to have a coordinated effort in support of this?

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  • rahulpaper
    06-19 06:15 PM
    I just came back from doc..and he charged 400 dollars (xray will cost more in next few days. Anyways, he says he need to administer Tetnus 3 times (6 months apart).
    I am not sure what he will say in report (which i get in couple of days). But my question to you all is :

    When Shots are given with time lag, Is 485 processed normally or RFE happens or do USCIS just wait for all shots to be completed and submission of report by doc before they process anything?

    Please Reply


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  • bslraju
    05-27 11:31 AM
    May I make a sincere suggestion. Please, go back to school, take a course in English grammar, writing mechanisms and reading comprehension. People can better respond to you, when they understand whatever is it you are asking. You may also be able to file as a qualified EB2 applicant. No pun intended.

    Thank you for your advise and hostility. I understand your frustration.
    I was in hurry when I was posting it. How ever I have deleted it and I will follow what you said.
    My sincere advise to you is better you learn how to answer to a question and
    focus on things along with correcting others.
    It would have been nice if you post some useful reply which would help some one.

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  • lskreddy
    08-01 10:06 AM
    KXAN reporter Matt Flener requested the following:

    I�m looking to do a story on immigrants that get bad immigration lawyers. You know, the ones that say they�ll do it for really cheap, yet screw everything up. Do you know what I�m talking about?

    Also, do you know of any other stories through your affiliation with immigration voice that I could work on? Any place where people trying to get into this country legally are not getting a fair chance.

    Matt Flener
    KXAN Austin News

    Do we have any one here in Texas (Austin would be better as he can come by and talk to you) whose lawyer experiences are a nightmare? Let me know and I can put you in touch with Matt Flener.


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  • xiaomatu
    06-05 06:37 PM
    I think my question is: is it possible for USCIS to review the case and change the decision they made after approval? Thanks.

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  • perm2gc
    12-25 02:31 PM
    Hi Perm,

    When I requested the company they sent me the "Wage report" form.
    I am trying to understand if this is really the "unemployment wage report"?, Is there a specific form number that I need look for and request the company to send me the specific form. It would be helpful if there is specific information related to this form.

    Thanks a lot for all your help and valuable information.
    Merry Christmas!

    Thanks & Regards,
    The Consulate only asks wage report for your company.It will not ask for entire state of California.The Wage Report you company send is enough but one more time just cross check with your company attorney before sending them to consulate.


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  • Marphad
    11-19 07:57 AM

    TSC --- June 27, 2007
    NSC --- July 05, 2007


    Does this make a difference when retrogression is not moving?

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  • mayhemt
    02-26 01:19 PM
    Yes, it is called Consular Processing. You can apply using I140; Only Caveat being, visa number should be available (Priority date should be current) when attending the consular interview and the visa is employment/family based immigrant visa (unofficially green card) - not non-immigrant visas like H1/B1/L1.

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  • gk_2000
    05-15 11:13 PM
    startup visa is the most horrible of all the ideas..... this subject is like a hidden enemy of all immigrants waiting in the backlog ..... is anything like this would pass..... the congress will tell everyone that entrepreneurship related immigration issues are all fixed.... it will be hailed as the biggest victory of american capitalism & congress will forget @ those stuck in the backlogs..... the reality will be that is just another way for those 170 venture capitalist to rake more....

    some reporters write these articles with no knowledge of the subject.... & with little or no research of their own....

    Why do you think it is SO horrible? Suppose this comes up for debate, we have an opportunity to revise the 170 VC's clause or maybe water it down some extent. If we are not able to do that, even then sometime in the future we could work those screws and try to loosen. At least it gives a segment of our community a chance to clear the line.. just my thinking .

    08-03 07:24 PM
    Hi experts,

    Can someone help me in this regards. Awaiting eagerly for ur expert comments.


    03-06 12:38 PM
    i contacted Senator dewine, urging him to back the PACE act
    here is the reply i got

    keep ur fingers crossed:)

    Dear xxxxxx

    Thank you for contacting me regarding illegal immigration. I agree
    illegal immigration is a very serious problem and appreciate knowing

    Currently, there are approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants
    the United States, with close to 1 million more arriving every year.
    our current immigration system is broken. It is a system that is not
    for American security, particularly during our fight to combat
    international terrorism. It is not good for American workers and
    businesses. And, it is not good for the immigrants, themselves.

    To tackle this problem, we must have a comprehensive immigration plan
    toughens our borders, documents illegal immigrants, and provides for
    American labor needs. The Senate Judiciary Committee, of which I am a
    member, is set to take up immigration reform soon. In fact, several
    immigration bills are currently pending before the Committee, including
    border protection bill passed by the House of Representatives in
    2005. As the Judiciary and the full Senate debate immigration reform,
    will be certain to keep your views in mind.

    Again, thank you for contacting me. If you have any additional
    please feel free to contact me anytime.

    Very respectfully yours,
    United States Senator


    Disclaimer: The email account that this message originated from does
    accept inbound messages, therefore please send all electronic
    correspondence through our webform located at:

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