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  • raysaikat
    12-19 08:16 PM
    Thank you for replying.

    I believe when I was young I entered with family visit visa, then I re-entered the country using a re entry visa. I assume both has expired for awhile now, although my I 94 doesn't state an expiration date, it stats "ans or status" Could you explain what that means?

    You are probably reading the notation wrong - it is probably "and/or status".

    In US immigration, there is a notion of "status" which basically means you do/live in US the way you promised the immigration officer at the time of entry. If you were entered as an F-1 student, then you remain a student in good standing; if you were entered as H1-B, you remain gainfully employed in the position (or a similar one) for which the H1-B was issued, etc.

    The second notion is "unlawful presence", which basically means you are staying in US beyond the time the immigration officer allowed you to -- i.e., the date on I-94.

    So it is possible to be out-of-status, but not unlawfully present (i.e., someone who entered on H1-B VISA stopped working even though his/her I-94 was valid for 6 more months).

    If you remain in US "unlawfully" (i.e., after the date written on your I-94) for more than 6 months but less than 1 year, you get a 3 year ban on reentering US. If you stay in US unlawfully for more than 1 year, then you get a 10 year ban on reentering.

    In your case, your I-94 seems to say the stay was valid until a date "X" and/or until you were in status. I am assuming that there is a date on I-94 even though you did not specify one. I am not familiar with that notation, so I am guessing. If the guess is correct, then that would mean that you started accruing "unlawful presence" from the date you became out-of-status and you were "old enough". As far as I remember, the "old enough" is 18 years old, but I could be wrong and it could be 21 years old.

    To determine when you became out of status, you need to know what was the required status at the last entry. If your sole status was parolee (i.e., you used advanced parole based on your submitted I-485), then you became out-of-status whenever the I-485 was rejected. As far as I know, the appeals process allows you to live in US, but if the appeal fails, as it was your case, the date when the status became invalid does not advance.

    So if you have no other VISA status as a dependent, then you are out-of-status. Assuming the I-94 expired long back, and that USCIS starts counting unlawful presence from your 18th birthday, then you have accrued unlawful days equal to your age in days minus 6574 days (counting leap-years ;) ).

    You can apply for a college, and the college may give you I-20, based on which you can get an F-1 VISA. However, you would have to go to your "home country" to get the F-1 VISA stamp on your passport (and they may ban you depending on the number of days you were unlawfully present). Basically, the only way I know of for you to get a legal immigration status is to go out of the country and get back with a legal visa (and of course, risk being banned, or denied VISA for any other reason).

    Your case is complex enough that you must seek advice from an immigration attorney before making any decision.

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  • gjoe
    10-03 02:41 PM
    First let us get USCIS to process our applications strictly based on PD. Then we will have more people for the rally because new PD date members would be more motivated to participate in the grassroot effort

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  • The7zen
    08-24 09:52 AM
    Hello Everybody,
    Thanks for the welcome and glad to join the group.
    I have also given the contact details and already got access to the google group.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 11:38 AM
    This is simply called pure selfishness.

    The problem he is talking about is not a widespread one and never heard of, other than may be for one or two people in this forum (one may be nk2006; sorry that it happened to you).

    Even if it had happened to one or two exceptional cases, it can be rectified as it is a simple error from the part of USCIS. This is not a major thing to waste IV resources. This is not a serious immigration issue.

    The way nk2006 misused IV resources for such a simple personal issue is unpardonable .

    Knowing that there are such people among 'highly educated' is disheartening.


    Let me clarify couple of things.

    1. This is highly widespread issue. It affects you, me and everyone. If you didn't pay enough attention on whats going on, its your problem.

    2. Yes, NK2006 has put multiple threads and you are annoyed. But who are you saying this is misuse of IV resources? What is your contribution in action items and IV activities? I am not talking monetory part but activeness. If you are not contributing, you should not care about organization resource right?

    I hope you learnt that its OUR organization. Any problem we are discussiing is OURs. Not your and mine.

    Please forgive NK2006 for multiple threads and try to pay attention on real problem. If you still didn't understand depth of problem, PM me, I will give my contact numbers and we can talk at leisure.


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  • bsbawa10
    09-06 08:57 AM
    I am starting this thread to collect examples of inefficiencies and inconstencies of USCIS . Also examples of hiding data by USCIS.

    Whenever you give example of your experience if possible add:
    1. Dates
    2. Details of what happened
    3. Action that you took and reaction by USCIS.

    Some of the examples that I have seen on this forum are 1. Wrong photograph on AP 2. Totally different answers from customer service 3. Internal memo in USCIS not made public about holding visas for EB2 India etc.

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  • April 2011 Calendar

  • sent4dc
    08-25 08:36 PM
    Thanks, crystal. But what would happen if I wait now and just say, hypothetically, my I-140 is denied?


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  • FredG
    June 25th, 2006, 08:25 AM
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  • kumar1
    10-09 04:31 PM
    Leave Nov visa bulletin, I am more interested in November pay check, thank to this economy.


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  • Libra
    09-15 08:32 PM
    All east coast people should not miss this opportunity, this is the only chance to get things straight. com on guys, if you can't take one day off, no one will give you GC in years. when people are coming from wahsington, why can't you? change your mind, you have other four days to make up your hours at work

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  • sledge_hammer
    04-18 01:15 PM

    No need to worry if your employer is consulting company. If so, then in reply to USICS mention that you are employed by employer, but works/worked on different client sites for them which are in different states.

    Keep all your previous LCA ready or better attach copies of all with your reply. Not a big deal.

    I think its not a difficult RFE to respond. Consult your attorney for formal reply.

    @waitingmygc - What you are saying is plain garbage. The OP has all the more reasons to worry if his employer is a consulting company. These firms send their consultants to various client locations, but don't file for LCAs each time.

    @OP - It is very strange to see USCIS is going back to see if any LCA violation occurred at this stage of your application. You will need a good attorney on your side. Good luck!


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  • ganam
    02-21 08:57 PM
    Yes. It is possible to do H1 Transfer and use AC21 without disrupting the GC process.

    Please go to


    and see Question 11. Do I have to use an EAD to use AC21?

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  • elusive
    07-12 04:54 PM
    Thanks Very Much Anne,

    USCIS received the response packet today around Noon, Hoping to get 3 years extension and don't want to go through the pain of EE docs, end client letters, SOW,....at least for next 3 years ..well i forgot If I exit ti still remains a problem...

    You should not have to pack up your belongings just yet. Chapter 10.5(b)(3) of the USCIS Adjudicator's Field Manual states:"Responses are timely filed if they are received by mail no more than three days after the due date, as provided for at 8 CFR 103.5(b) ." As long as USCIS receives your RFE response today or tomorrow, there ought not to be any problem. Also, because the "deadline" of July 10th fell on a Saturday there is a required automatic extension to Monday.

    For future reference, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding USCIS filing deadlines:

    1. "Filed" = actually received by USCIS. post marks or airbills showing date sent do not matter
    2. USCIS generally will not accept mail or courier deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or Federal holidays.
    3. Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays must be included when calculating time periods.
    4. However, if the deadline actually falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday, the deadline is extended to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday. 8 CFR �1.1(h).

    Hope this helps,



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  • calendar april 2011.

  • aroranuj
    08-20 11:57 PM
    I would appreciate it if someone can give me some advise...I need to file my EAD renewal & refuse to pay insane amounts of money to my attorney...


    I am filing for my EAD renewal and had a quick question...I have an EAD card from when I was in college and did my OPT. The problem though is that I do not have some of the details that they ask for while filing EAD renewal, such as what Center was it processed at & what was the application date.

    I have already called USCIS & they cant pull up what center my EAD was filed at or the date it was filed. Can anyone suggest what I should do in this situation? What do I put in the form? Does anyone have similar experiences?

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  • april 2011 calendar printable

  • davestar
    09-04 04:48 AM
    Last November I quit my job in the US and left the country as well. Two days ago, I received an email saying my 485 is approved, and card production was ordered. The card will go to an address in the US where someone can forward me the mail.
    What should I do? Try to enter the U.S. with the card? What to say to POE officials? WIll I be questioned?


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 03:17 AM
    Lately the members of IV have come to know that Aman Kapoor, the co-founder of IV has sold his house and spent around $64000/- towards the administrative costs of IV. This too was brought to our attention from a regular member like you and me, without which this would not have come to our knowledge at all.

    So some of the members have taken an initiative to reimburse Aman and other core IV team members with the expenses they have incurred so far towards the administrative costs of IV. Note that the time they have spent and the sufferings cannot be compensated. Let us do the least by atleast compensating the money. Please do not donate directly to IV funds.

    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.


    Could you please pledge an amount ?

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  • pappu
    05-31 03:59 PM
    Please do not start new threads on the same topics


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  • gmail
    12-21 12:47 PM
    I want to be more specific. I have a full time job. I'd like to setup a business LLC to get some contract works. For tax benefit, I can deduct some business cost with it.

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  • glosrfc
    01-20 06:28 PM
    Strange, I'm not able to replicate the problem. All I can think of is that your mouse has lost focus on the SWF, perhaps due to the over-vigorous motion beforehand? Try clicking on the SWF to regain focus and see if slow moments work for you again.

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  • prp925
    04-13 06:10 PM
    Are you EB2?

    Hello IV Freinds,

    I checked my mail last Saturday, got Cards and welcome approval notices in mail. Status at USCIS website still shows all cases pending. I had called my Senators office for follow up week before as processing dates also had also passed.

    I appreciate IV for providing this website for sharing our immigration issues and concerns in this long journey.

    Good luck to all IV members who are still awaiting for good day to come.


    12-05 03:25 PM

    07-05 03:30 PM
    dont worry about it all.Because i did same thing exactly like you..And i got h1b ext twice after that and got h1b stamped twice and travelled out of the country 3 times after that..nobody questions about it all..

    They only see whether you are out of status more than 180 days..it is legal also to work for 2 employers with 2 petetions..so dont worry about it at all...

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