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cell membrane diagram

cell membrane diagram. Cell: Plasma Membrane picture
  • Cell: Plasma Membrane picture

  • vsrajesh
    02-20 06:19 PM
    "The new company should first apply H1 for 3 years based your current approved I-140"

    Can someone pl clarify whether a "new company" can get a H1 extension for 3years based on an approved I-140 from "current company" (after 6 years completed on H1).

    It is clear that "current company" can get H1 extension for 3years based on an approved I-140 and a "new company" can transfer it, but is it possible for "new company” to get a 3 year H1 based on approved I-140?

    If yes, does the “new company" have to wait for H1 quota OR it doesn't come under H1 Quota?


    cell membrane diagram. Image:Cell membrane detailed
  • Image:Cell membrane detailed

  • smsthss
    11-15 01:18 PM
    In other words, Does it matter whether I-485 is filed or not filed for a 3 year h1b extension based on approved I-140.

    cell membrane diagram. The Cell Membrane forms
  • The Cell Membrane forms

  • vikaschowdhry
    06-02 06:55 AM
    My spouse's employer will apply for her H1B shortly (she is on F1 right now). Her passport expires in March 2007 but the Indian consulate does not allow you for a renewal earlier than 6 months of the expiration date.

    Does USCIS have any requirements for validity dates for passport when application for H1B is sent?

    cell membrane diagram. Cell Membrane
  • Cell Membrane

  • lermitthefrog
    06-15 02:41 PM
    WOW! that would be great. All you have to do is fill out the application at http://s7.invisionfree.com/TGG_Team_Forum/ and you can go to http://s7.invisionfree.com/TGG_Team_Forum/ to register. Also if you don't check your email often, you should. Most communication is based on email and if you don't reply after some time your gone. (it's happened before!)


    cell membrane diagram. Cell Membrane
  • Cell Membrane

  • LostInGCProcess
    11-14 02:57 PM
    Another example of how inefficient USCIS is. I have applied my EAD in Aug 28th, did the FP in Sept 22, case still pending. I sent to Texas Service center.

    Which center did you file your EAD?

    cell membrane diagram. diagram:a typical structure of
  • diagram:a typical structure of

  • sobers
    03-29 04:06 PM
    This should provide some food for thought for any standalone bill for skilled, legal immigrant reform, if it comes to that.

    With the contrbutions high skilled (EB) immigrants make to the country's innovation and competitveness, the much needed science and math skills they bring, and the high taxes they pay, it is clear such immigrants are a net gain to the economy.


    March 27, 2006, 3:10 pm
    The Numbers Behind the Numbers

    As Congress debates legislation that would double the number of visas available for highly-skilled workers, Census officials release numbers highlighting contributions by Asian-born immigrants to the U.S. economy.

    Of the 14 million Asians in the U.S., half of those over age 25 have at least a bachelor�s degree and 20% have a master�s degree or higher � the highest education level of any racial group.

    Median family income, at $57,500, also is the highest, with half of Asian Indians earning $69,000 or more. Asians owned 1.1 million owned businesses in 2004, up 24% since 1997, the Census Bureau fact sheet said.

    High tech executives have been lobbying heavily for an increase in the visa cap for high-skill workers, a majority of whom are Asians. All four versions of the immigration bill now before the Senate would double the number of so-called H1B temporary visas to 115,000 and also double the number of employment-based green cards to 290,000. Exemptions from those limits for students currently working on science and technology degrees in the U.S. � most of whom also are Asian � would increase high-skilled immigration still further if any of the bills becomes law.

    �June Kronholz


    cell membrane diagram. Figure 5 Diagram showing the
  • Figure 5 Diagram showing the

  • crystal
    03-30 10:53 AM
    respone below

    I have a question with regard to legal status:

    Case - My current h1, my wife's and son's h4 status will expire within 2 months. My Green Card gets approved today, while my wife and son's stays pending. Since I have the GC, I may not be able to apply for h1 extention.

    (a) What will be the status of my wife and son after the 2 month period?

    They will be on Adjustment of status after h4 expiry .

    (b) How will I be able to keep my wife and son in a legal status, after the 2 month period

    you dont need to do anything extra. if they want to go out of country and come back instead of h4 they have to use Advance parole (AP)

    I would appreciate some wisdom here.....

    cell membrane diagram. cell membrane diagram. cell
  • cell membrane diagram. cell

  • rocky123
    05-02 08:25 PM

    How could your friends get the 3 yr extension in their new company. Did they show their I-140 approval copy from previous company ?

    In my situation, I don't think I can get the I-140 approval copy from my company.

    So, can I move now before my 6 yr period ends in August and have company B transfer my H1B till 2010 (based on current + 3 yr I-797 copies) or wait till August when my 3 yr extension till 2010 takes effect ?



    cell membrane diagram. Plasma Membrane
  • Plasma Membrane

  • SertTurk
    07-19 01:59 PM
    Ok , just got off the phone with my lawyer.He says we can not file a I485 because the priority date is not current. EB3 is showing 01OCT01 and we can only file that form when the bulletin is showing April2002. He says we are not eligible for that...And then he said "if the date was current, you would be in Turkey for consular processing and will not need file"

    cell membrane diagram. plant cell membrane.
  • plant cell membrane.

  • LostInGCProcess
    02-24 11:39 AM
    I think its not going to be business as usual for H1b holders...nor the employers that sponsored them. I think something is going to change drastically in the coming months...it would be interesting to see what would happen to to the H1b for this FY when they open to doors to accept the application for new H1Bs..


    cell membrane diagram. Cell Membrane showing
  • Cell Membrane showing

  • gc_kaavaali
    06-27 02:20 PM
    Can you please provide below details

    when did u file for your EAD renewal? Is it e-file or paper based file? what is the service center?

    Just got �Card Production Ordered� LUD for EAD for both myself and my wife. Wish it could have happened on the next working day, which is Monday - June 30th, we could have got 2 year EAD, unlucky!!!

    cell membrane diagram. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

  • tweetyforlife
    05-06 06:27 PM
    newyorker123, what happened to your interview/ I am facing possible PIMS delay and would love to hear from your experience

    krishmunn, I don't quite understand the $8 that you are talking about appointments in Mexico. I checked it out and they are requiring to pay $150 for H1 appointments.


    cell membrane diagram. with target-cell membrane
  • with target-cell membrane

  • marty
    01-09 03:28 PM
    don't u come under refugee category? just like Iraqis?

    No. I was born there but was raised abroad.

    cell membrane diagram. Cell membrane
  • Cell membrane

  • xela
    11-12 10:23 AM
    Sounds liek a great idea, I am right there with you, because this just makes no sense.


    cell membrane diagram. of the cell membrane
  • of the cell membrane

  • gc_chahiye
    08-26 12:59 PM
    This is not correct. you can apply for 1 year extensions if you have applied for 485 and is pending.

    not true. For H1 extension you only need an LC >365 days old, or I-140 approved. Just 485 pending does not matter.

    If your I-140 is approved and your PD is not current, you will get a 3 year extension irrespective of 485 filing or not. This has also been confirmed by the USCIS in its recent FAQs.
    If your LC is >365 days old you get a 1 year extension.

    cell membrane diagram. Structure of Plasma Membrane
  • Structure of Plasma Membrane

  • member123
    09-14 03:15 PM
    Hi All,

    I think a lof people have the LUD is 08/05/07 for 140 filed in TSC..and everyone takes their guesses. Please post if u r LUD for 140 is 08/05/2007 ;


    cell membrane diagram. Plasma Membrane Quiz
  • Plasma Membrane Quiz

  • vdokka
    09-11 11:00 PM
    Hi Friends,

    Please read the below query and post any information you have. Thanks in advance for your help !

    I have an appointment for H1 VISA re-stamping in Toronto, Canada in 2nd week of October

    My current H1 VISA is valid until Nov 2006.

    I am planning to get restmped based on my new H1 petition valid until Sep 2008.

    The problem here is that my passport is valid only until Dec 2007.

    In this case Can I get the new VISA stamped until Sep 2008?
    On the website it says that "To be eligible for a VISA, you passport must be valid for at least 6 months past intended stay in the United States"

    Please post your valuable replies.


    cell membrane diagram. Diagram of the endomembrane
  • Diagram of the endomembrane

  • EndlessWait
    08-01 12:39 PM

    Good going.

    cell membrane diagram. Membrane diagram labeled
  • Membrane diagram labeled

  • rrkany
    10-20 10:40 AM
    Thanks a lot for all your quick responses. I will try to get this done soon. When you say be prepared for lot of questions, do you mean questions like "Why did you come here for visa stamp instead of going back to home country"

    08-11 11:23 AM
    Here you go!

    Ok we have the poll, now can we start guessing when our dates will be current.

    possibly we need another poll with these options asking when do you think your PD will be current

    1) 10-12 years
    2) 12-15 years
    3) 15 - 20 years


    01-10 12:12 PM
    Hello, I just want some clarification please.

    My husband has a L1A (we came to the US on an L1B which was converted to an L1A after 4.5 years). The current visa runs out June 2011, that will be our 7 years. We have decided to move forward with a Green Card. However, this morning we received a email from his HR saying they have checked with an immigration guru and they have said that we have to leave the US for 1 year (to re-enter as an L1A again) as we have L1A status and not H1B status, (if we had H1B status they could move forward with the GC). They also said, they can however start the GC process whilst we are out of the country but it will take from 6 -8 years. Do we have to leave the US for a year or can we convert an L1A to a GC.

    Also if we did not get a green card before June 2011 (visa expiration) would we have to leave the US or could we stay awaiting the GC processing.

    Thanks for any help.

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