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  • saravanaraj.sathya
    07-25 12:45 PM
    I think we should make this thready a sticky so that everyone could reply.

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  • hopefulgc
    12-08 08:28 PM
    let the jokes begin!!!


    EB2 -> 01-JUN-2003
    EB3 -> 01-OCT-2001


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  • roseball
    02-28 12:56 AM
    Is that normal to have the same I-94 number on my renewed H1B and my wife's H4 approval notices?

    Seems it is a mistake that my old I 94 is given in H4 extension application. Do I need to apply for correction? Any Lawyer / Member, please confirm. Thanks in advance.

    I-94 is what determines your legal stay in the US. Since you get an I-94 only during your entry into the US, it is normal to get the same I-94# on any subsequent extension of status applications filed within the US. Your attached I-94s on the I-797 approval notice are proof of your continuous status since your white I-94 cards might be expired. But do keep the original white I-94 cards with you as you are supposed to return them along with the new I-94s attached to I-797 notices, when you leave the country.

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  • shreekhand
    08-07 04:06 PM
    Wondering if you just called to ask the status or was there any other ruse ?

    Good that you straight away got to know about your NC clear status.


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  • trueguy
    06-24 05:24 PM
    Its only for people who are on some kind of visa. You don't qualify for MAVNI if you have a GreenCard and looking for quick Citizenship.

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  • Sideliner
    06-15 03:16 PM
    Hi Folks,

    It is crunch time! I have 15 days left to get an H1B 3 yr. extension (since PD is current EB3 India, my H1 expires July 30th), so I need to decide whether I should file I-140 in Premium Processing.

    How much time has it taken for members to get 140 approved though PP? I value your feedback, or pls. point me to a poll/data elsewhere!

    Thanks & Regards!

    I got mine approved exactly in 3 days. It took 2 weeks actually a copy of the approval notice after that.


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  • mbartosik
    04-08 04:40 PM
    If we were able to get the 3 year visa rather than 1 year extensions, then the main problem that the BEC give us in a practical sense is that if we change jobs we loss our priority dates.

    So while the slow processing is an administration issue, the law could allow for priority dates to be kept something like this:
    "If a labor application has been pending for longer than [some time] then as of [some date], the applicant immigrant is able to keep the priority date of the original labor application whether or not the application is later withdrawn or disapproved."

    This in combination with 3 year extensions would give people freedom to either refile for PERM with same employer or move jobs and file for PERM with a new employer.


    Another solution would be to allow DoL to accept a large fee for premium processing. Making the fee large would have the effect of not too many using it and thus not overwhelming DoL, but it also might generate sufficient income to apply more resources to the remaining outstanding applications, and benefiting all while being practical.

    Please comment.

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-07 02:37 PM
    I'm confused. I thought you said there was an RFE in your first post?


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  • shivapb80
    12-27 06:59 PM
    they will not straightforward deny it...they will send you an RFE requesting proof that you were in legal status during that time. at that time - i am not sure how - but your employer will have to prove that your start date is in fact in january 2007.

    i am pretty sure that is the course of action as i recall reading a couple of cases like that and i think atleast one of those cases was a similar case and the other was related to 245(i) - i hope i get that right.

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  • vchip
    04-07 04:28 PM
    This is from my lawyer,

    "What Are the Immigration Consequences of the Government Shutting Down?

    As Congress continues its budgetary deadlock, the possibility of a government shutdown looms larger by the minute. If Congress is unable to reach accord on Friday, the government will close at midnight, Saturday April 9.

    In general, if the government shuts for budgetary reasons, all but "essential" government are furloughed and not allowed to work. So what does this mean for immigration agencies?

    USCIS: A couple of shutdown threats back, a USCIS official stated at a stakeholder engagement that USCIS (other than the human touches on E-Verify) would not need to shut down, since all of the agency, other than E-Verify, is funded by fees. However, it is not clear that this is the case, and at least one local office has indicated that it is working on its shutdown plan. We will update as we get more information.

    DOS: If there is a shutdown, the result for DOS will likely be the same as it was in the 1996 government closing. Then, the only visa issuance being done was for some diplomats and for "life or death" situations. As DOS is wont to say "a really, really important business meeting is not life or death."

    CBP: Inspection and law enforcement are considered "essential personnel," though staffing may be more limited than usual. The borders will be open, and CBP is unsure of how the shutdown will affect the processing of applications filed at the border.

    EOIR: EOIR has been advised to "put its shutdown plans in place." As with other agencies, personnel who are not considered "essential" will be furloughed. EOIR has indicated that the detained docket would likely be considered an essential function and would therefore be able to continue in operation.

    DOL: DOL is making plans for a possible shutdown. If there is a shutdown, DOL personnel will not be available to respond to e-mail or other inquiries. We do not know at this point whether iCERT/PERM would continue to function. However, because the systems require funding to run, practitioners should assume that they would not be available."


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  • canmt
    11-14 08:50 AM
    EB2 India Priority Date: 06/2003
    I140 Approval Date: 01/2007
    I485 Receipt Date: 02/2007
    FP Notice: 02/2007
    EAD Approval: 03/2007
    AP Approval: 03/2007
    AC21 & G28 Revoked: 10/2007
    I485 RFE on AC21: 10/2007
    I485 RFE Replied Date: 10/2007 (Self)
    1485 Card Production Ordered (No Email): 11/2007
    1485 Approval Notice Sent (With Email): 11/2007
    Soft LUD: 11/2007
    Card Received: 11/2007
    Welcome Letter Received (No Email or Status Update): 11/2007

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  • muralip
    09-11 07:51 PM
    my visit to india will have any impact on my I-485/EAD processing..?


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  • wisley
    11-10 08:59 PM
    to be frank with you guys my friend have a good bank statment and business in his own country he wanna apply for a tourist visa and i recomended for him to have a hotels .... flight reservation but i am still confused about the purpose of the visit actually its not about the purpose its about his chance to get a visa he never been in the US never apply for a visa , dont have any relatives in the US he wanna try his chances to get a visa only ?????

    thats all , any insight :confused:

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  • pscdk
    08-29 06:35 PM
    Hello Friends,

    My wife is on F1, doing her masters and is done with her course work, just left with one project (2 credits). Her college has the option of getting CPT (curriculum practical training) signed till the time her masters is not complete and then she is allowed to work off campus for 40 hours (full time).

    I have also filled for my 485 application, so I was wondering what is her status now after filling for 485 . Also is it fine if she gets her CPT signed now after filing I485. I just want to be sure that getting her CPT signed has no negative impact on our I 485.

    Any suggestions or anyone in similar situation


    I suggest you contact your lawyer to make sure it won't be a problem.
    Working on CPT is part of maintaining F1 visa status and your case is same as being on F1 visa while ones I-485 is filed.


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  • forgerator
    05-23 12:39 PM
    I got EAD on February 2008 with my primary GC employer. My PD is just 4 months away and I got a job offer in a big company which I cannot afford to loose.

    The the job duties in my new job remain the same but I am worried to change job during this time when PDs are jumping very fast. The max I can delay the joining my new employer cannot be more than a 1 month. Please suggest the best approach...

    Like others have pointed out - definitely worth it to switch over, given that you can use AC21.

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  • go_guy123
    10-27 03:51 PM
    Illinois Congressman: Immigration Reform Cannot Wait : NPR (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=114199526)

    President Obama says he wants to change United States immigration policy. But so far, immigration has taken a backseat to other pressing issues, like health care, the economic recession and the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. But Rep. Luis Gutierrez, a Democrat from Illinois, wants to bump immigration to the top of the President's agenda. Gutierrez explains why he thinks comprehensive immigration reform cannot wait any longer.

    Gutierrez is panicking on something that we already know: CIR is dying. As CIR gets delayed, its chances diminishes with the approaching election year (2010).

    Gutierrez is from a high-immigrant area of Chicago (Cook County) but it will cost massively for Democratic party in the purple states. Democratic party will never
    risk its fortunes over the tantrums of Gutierrez.

    Gutierrez knows that if CIR keeps failing again and again then piecemeal will start gaining traction. Then his amnesty dreams for illegals will be up in smoke.


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  • giddi_raja@yahoo.com
    10-08 10:37 PM
    Sorry..I have incorrectly named the thread..it suppose to read this way- "Changed Employer (but not informed USCIS), travelling on AP" .

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  • yogi13
    06-28 10:42 AM
    Thanks for taking time to answer my query. I have other problem so I am confused about this fact. My spouse's name is correct on passport. but her mother's surname has spelling mistake.All other details are correct. We were not aware of the fact till now. Now we are in the process of applying for I485.
    So I am worried about all this. If I take affidavit, it will work?

    Thank you

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  • jliechty
    September 4th, 2005, 10:31 AM
    Compositionally, the picture feels slightly off balance to me, but I love what QJ did with the shadow detail and color in her first revision of your photo. There's certainly plenty of potential waiting to be brought out from within that image.

    08-30 09:55 AM
    Hi folks,
    Does anybody know if there is a receipt for I-140?
    I'd like to make sure that it was successfully received by processing center. Do you think it is polite to ask my company lawyer for this receipt or since she told me that it was filed I should just sit and relax...:rolleyes:
    You attorney will have Receipt Number.You can email/call him..

    03-04 05:17 PM
    Source: ILW News Letter

    Serious immigration legislation is in the air. Rep Shuler's (D-
    NC) enforcement-only bill has attracted a fair number of supporters, and the rumor is that the House Republicans will try to force through a discharge petition necessitating a vote on the bill. While we are skeptical that a discharge petition has much chance of success, the House Democratic leadership is apparently not so sanguine (for info on discharge petitions, see here).
    The House Hispanic Caucus has prepared a plan to meet the antis head on if they force a vote on the Shuler Bill.

    The plan begins with the proposition that any serious discussion of immigration on the Hill will definitely harm Republican presidential nominee McCain. If he supports the "pros", the anti immigration fanatics in the Republican party will not support him in the general election; if he supports the "antis", it will weaken his appeal to the independents for the general election.
    Second, should a vote on the Shuler bill come about, the House Hispanic caucus would seek to attach numerous benefit amendments to it - there is every likelihood that some of these amendments will succeed, a raising of the H cap, for example. Hopefully, so the thinking among the strategists among the House Democrats goes, the success of a few amendments will be a "poison-pill"
    guaranteeing the defeat of the over-all measure since the antis are not in a mood to make any deal trading enforcement with benefits at this time. Ironically, the antis in the House may be forced to vote against the amended Shuler bill, thus positioning the Democrats as the real pro-enforcement party.

    Our take is that once started down the Hill (pun intended), the momentum of an immigration bill would be hard to stop, and we might end up with something along the lines of the Kennedy-Kyl compromise of last spring, but without the point system which doomed it. To the surprise of many, Comprehensive Immigration Reform appears far from dead. And once again, it's the antis who deserve the credit for bringing benefits to the fore.

    We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by writing to mailto:editor@ilw.com.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

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